Tuesday 20 January 2015

10 Albums I'm Looking Forward to in 2015

Well done 2014. You brought us twerking. You brought us trap. You brought us Todd Terje. You brought us Taylor Swift. You were an interesting year for music, but now it is time we said goodbye and hello to 2015. Enter Kanye West. Enter Kendrick Lamar. Already, I feel you're going to be an interesting year too. Here are some of the artists' whose albums I'm getting hyped up for.

Kendrick Lamar Kendrick’s new album will be dropping this year. The first single ‘I’ has already been released, a love song dedicated to himself. 

Frank Ocean The r&b artist released a lo-fi teaser entitled ‘Memrise’ at the beginning of December and evidence in the form of an instagram photo suggests he’s currently working on a new album. There are bold claims that it’s going to be bigger and better than his last release, Channel Orange.

Chance the Rapper/The Social Experiment Chance has been putting out a lot of new material lately, collaborating a lot with a band called The Social Experiment who seem to have a real feel-good vibe. A joint album, Surf, has been confirmed.

Bjork The Icelandic singer consistently pushes boundaries with every release so I’m psyched to hear that she’s working on a new album. Sorry did I write boundaries? I meant bjoundaries.

Faith No More The alt rock group recently released their first track in seventeen years, the sweetly titled ‘Motherfucker’. The band have confirmed a new album will be dropping in 2015, which means we won’t have to wait another 17 years.

Kanye West I wasn't head over heels in love with Yeezus, but it was definitely an interesting listen. That's one thing you can always expect from Yeezy - interesting. Something similar in vein to his recent bizarre collaboration with Macca would be pretty fun.

Death Grips Cali experimental hip hop group, Death Grips, should hopefully be releasing Jenny Death, part 2 of their new album The Powers That B. Already, the artwork has been released as well as the first single, ‘Inanimate Sensation’. A date has been set for March 21st but it could move.

Run the Jewels Can you believe it? These guys just can't stop making albums. Run the Jewels 3 is set to drop this year and judging from the high calibre of the rap duo's previous two LPs, its worth getting excited for.

Metallica I’m a huge fan of these dudes and it’s about time they dropped a new album. Their last lp, Death Magnetic, came out six years ago. The thrash metal icons say ‘they’re working, they’re writing’. Let’s hope that’s true.

Jimi Hendrix Is it me or has this guy not released an album for some time? Will 2015 be his comeback year? I've got my fingers crossed. TROLOLOLOL RIP JIMI