Wednesday 25 February 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/02/2015: Everything Everything, Riff Raff, Best Coast and more...

This week Everything Everything get groovy, Best Coast get hazy and Riff Raff gets wavy.


'Distant Past' - Everything Everything

UK indie rock band, Everything Everything, release this new song about wanting to be cavemen. Okay, it’s clearly deeper than that but I’m not going to bore you with sociopolitical interpretations. Everything Everything's music has always been about having fun. This track comes with characteristically odd vocal deliveries and rave-rhythm guitars that will make you want to break into dance. A fittingly manic music video accompanies it.

'The World is Your Motel' - Pile

It must be something in the water. Why is Boston producing so many crazy avant-garde rock groups these days? First Bent Knee, then Krill and now these nutters.

Pile prove themselves to be the zaniest of the lot, as demonstrated by this deranged and noisy track in which the lead singer can just about be heard yelling ‘dumpy woman in a tracksuit!’ beneath the frantic instrumental work. Some of the guitar riffage is so evil it’s vaguely black metal.

'Judo Chop' - Riff Raff

I usually dismiss this ignorant trap rap shit, but for Riff Raff I make an exception because he’s just so goofily entertaining. That said, he’s not sounding as goofy as usual here, but it is a freestyle. As for the beat SWEET MOTHER OF GOD

'Dead Format' - Blanck Mass

This sludgy instrumental techno mass shuffles along like a giant alien slug sent to destroy the Earth. Benjamin John Power is the one-man-project behind the sinister track, an artist that some will know from his involvement in UK electronic group Fuck Buttons. The thumbnail is a close-up of a brain I think. I HOPE

'California Nights' – Best Coast

There’s a hazy-eyed shoegazey feeling emanating from this new track by LA rock duo, Best Coast. The track slowburns for five minutes and is soaked in reverb as if echoing out across the Pacific.


Teddybears ft. Baby Trish – ‘What’s your problem?’

I’m allergic to the sound of children singing. That’s my problem. Saying that, 12-year-old Jamaican Baby Trish does seem to be showing a lot more talent and lyrical depth than your average child singer. I guess my real problem here is Swedish electronic group, Teddybears and that horrendously irritating beat. It makes me want to rip my ears off.