Wednesday 11 March 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 11/03/2015: The Prodigy, Sun Kil Moon, Mumford & Sons and more...

Soko and Ariel Pink are sounding like the Human League, Mumford and Sons are sounding like Coldplay and M.I.A. is sounding like PSY. It’s equal parts smiles, equal parts frowns this week.


  ‘Wild Frontier’ – The Prodigy

Party hard and love animals. This seems to be the message of The Prodigy's latest three singles, all of which have come accompanied with anti-poaching themed music videos. 'Wild Frontier' is the latest track from the UK rave veterans and contains some speedy 8-bit bleeps followed by a monstrous drop that has all the exciting flavour of their early output.

‘Lovetrap’ - Soko ft. Ariel Pink

Be my merman/I want to be your mermaid’ sing indie pop artists Soko and Ariel Pink on this sappy eighties-style ballad. It seems to embrace the cheesiness of the decade, coming across as both a parody of groups like The Human League and a tribute. It suits both Soko and Ariel Pink's personas perfectly.

 ‘E A R T H’ – UV Boi فوق بنفسجي ~ 

This creative electronic instrumental is the handiwork of Australian producer, UV Boi فوق بنفسجي ~  (the Arabic squiggles translate as 'Ultraviolet'). Abrupt audio cuts and heavy usage of the windows sound effects seem to be two of the producer’s quirky motifs. He’s definitely got a style all of his own.


‘Ali/spinks’ – Sun Kil Moon

There’s a worryingly whiny quality starting to develop in Mark’s vocal tone and the stream-of-consciousness lyrics aren’t nearly as charming here as on previous songs, although I have to say the use of electric instead of acoustic guitar is exciting and refreshing. It’s positively ‘beer commercial rock’.

Listen to the track here at NME.

‘Believe’ – Mumford & Sons

I’ve never liked these London folksters, but at least their old sound was somewhat original. Now they’ve turned into a watered-down version of Coldplay, minus the brief explosive guitar solo which is the only half-decent moment on this track.

‘CanSeeCanDo’ – M.I.A

That loopy synth reminds me of Swagger Jagger. Or Gangnam Style. Either way it’s irritating but not half as irritating as that moany vocal inflection M.I.A keeps using.