Wednesday 25 March 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/03/2015: FKA Twigs, Blur, Chic and more...'

If music blogging was my full time job and I didn't have to sell my body and brew moonshine to make extra money on the side, I'd probably still not have time for the crazy amount of material that's been dropping recently. Hyped albums from indie big names such as Sufjan Stevens, Earl Sweatshirt, Death Grips and Kendrick Lamar have had me so distracted, I've barely had time to check out new tracks. However, for you my loyal readers, I've managed to find that time, and here are the results.


'Glass & Patron' - FKA Twigs

I’m never sure whether to be attracted to Twigs or terrified of her. This disturbing music video has helped resolve things somewhat. CHICKS GIVING BIRTH TO RAINBOW RIBBONS IS SUCH A TURN ON.

As for her music, well, it’s weirder and arty-fartier than anything she’s attempted before, and that’s saying something. Personally, I’m loving it. The suspense is beautiful as always. It’s not very danceable, although that certainly doesn’t seem to put off the voguing performers in the music video.

'There Are Too Many of Us' - Blur

Britpop troupers, Blur, deliver this ode to overpopulation to the accompaniment of a slowburning melancholy chord progression. Admittedly, it could do with a better hook. Is it overoptimistic to expect another ‘Park Life’?

 ‘Sushi Noir’ – Dead recipe

The description on this Californian duo's Bandcamp page says it all: ‘Music about pronouncing your favorite word wrong. The soundtrack to your cult induction ceremony. Songs for babies in the womb on laughing gas. Songs to dribble a basketball to. For when you come home to a decapitated pig head on your doorstep. Glossolalia. From the deepest point in the ocean. Blue Mondays ask your hand.  

'Nubian' - Leks Rivers

Remember when r&b wasn’t a dirty word? This London singer/producer takes us back to that time with a velvety instrumental and a soulful voice that’s sensual enough to turn lesbians straight and straight men gay.  

'I’ll Be There'  - Chic

Part of me knows the current disco revival isn’t doing much for the evolution of music, but part of me also doesn’t care because let’s face it disco is awesome. Maybe we’ll be reviving dubstep in thirty years. In any case, Chic are back and sounding just as funky as they were in the 70s.


Time of Our Lives' – Pitbull & Ne-Yo

Club music has now reached a new low lyrically, convincing young people that it's okay to fritter away your hard earnt cash in an overpriced club every weekend even if you can't pay your rent #ThugLife #YOLO #carpediem #HowToGetEvicted