Wednesday 3 June 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 03/06/2015: Mick Jenkins, Raleigh Ritchie, Eminem and more...

Mindblowing music videos, parrot-fronted metal bands and Games of Thrones characters over trap beats. This week has it all.


'P’s and Q’s' - Mick Jenkins

Did you notice that almost all the words in this song begin with P or Q? Or were you as distracted as I first was by the mind-blowing slo-mo, one-take, shot-in-reverse music video? From the alliterative lyrics to the stunning visuals to the huge instrumental, almost every aspect of this Chicago rapper’s new single is a stroke of genius. I was so impressed on my first listen that I rose from my chair and gave a standing ovation.

'Take You For Dead' - Desta French

Desta French isn’t French. Rather confusingly, she’s half-Columbian, half-Italian and lives in London. ‘Take You For Dead’ is her latest single, a groovy eighties-inspired pop number with Chaka Khan undertones. The ending is all very epic. There’s even a guitar solo thrown into the mix for good measure.

'Never Say Die' - Raleigh Ritchie & Sounwave

As a fan of the violent pornography, Game of Thrones, I was intrigued by the news that castrated ex-slave warrior, Grey Worm, had a musical career on the side. ‘Never Say Die’ sees the actor showing his further talents for singing and rapping over a soaring trap-flavoured beat produced by Sounwave (the badass ‘fuck it, I never had a heart!’ line followed by walls of grimy sub-bass is definitely my favourite bit!)

'Left Behind' - Cln.

This Brisbane bedroom producer certainly lives up to his name. Despite this track’s multiple layers – the music box tinkles, the sawtooth synths, the 808 bass, the pitch-shifted vocals – ‘Left Behind’ feels impressively clean. I could see this electronic instrumental being picked up and used in a suave car ad.

'Seven Perches' - Hatebeak

What do all vocalists have in common? They're all human. Grindcore act, Hatebeak, have decided to think outside the box and employ a parrot on lead vocals - a Congo African 21-year-old parrot to be precise named Waldo. 'Seven Perches' is the latest single from the group's upcoming album 'Number of the Beak', featuring Pig Destroyer member Blake Harrison.


'Phenomenal' - Eminem

This track is all a bit too overblown and messily-produced for my liking and the constant ‘phenomenaaaal!’ screeches during the hook are fairly irritating. I am liking Em’s angry delivery and choppy flows though.