Thursday, 11 August 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 12/08/2016: Flex, Swet Shop Boys, Gypsy & The Cat and more...

Flex? The Swet Shop Boys? Gypsy & The Cat? Never heard of any of them. What a load of hipster twaddle. What kind of pretentious asshole writes this blog, anyhow? I'm unsubscribing...


'Meditate' - Flex

Floating jazzy chords and some smooth stream-of-consciousness bars make for some dreamy hip hop from this Portugal-born UK-based rapper Flex. Apparently he's only 19!

Hungry for more tasty music from Flex? Sink your teeth into his brand new EP Soul Food over at Bandcamp.

'T5' - Swet Shop Boys

'TSA always want to burst my bubble/ always get a random check when I rock the stubble'. Nobody likes to be mistaken for a terrorist. For brown-skinned people going through airport security it's a continuous problem, one that the Swet Shop Boys have decided to confront with this new song 'T5'. Consisting of brown-skinned buddies Heems of Das Racist and UK actor/musician Riz MC, the newly-formed duo tackle racial profiling head on with some playful bars and a badass spiky beat. 

'Give and Take' - Gypsy & the Cat

Someone help me out - from which classical piece is that gorgeous piano part at 2:35 ripped from? I've been searching for it for months. In any case, I didn't expect to hear it weaved into this fun psychedelic pop anthem. The two members of this Melbourne duo used to be DJs. Now one is a gypsy and the other is a cat.

'Slow' – Taka Perry ft. Jordi

Another Aussie duo of sorts, EDM producer Taka Perry and upcoming vocalist Jordi team up for this slow and seductive electropop number 'Slow'. The beat has a Lion-King-esque vibe thanks to those xylophones or marimbas or whatever those tribal pitched percussion sounds are.

'Fallin’ - Jean Tonique

I'll never get bored of wet splodgy detuned fifth chords. This track's practically teeming with them. I'll have to give the rest of this Parisienne producer's work a peruse.


'Y’all Ain’t Trappin' – 7k (Makaveli the Don 2pac Reborn)

Wow  ... that's ...  that's quite a lot of auto-tune. I wouldn't have thought it possible, but he makes Desiigner sound like he had elocution lessons. The hyped-up intro and '2pac Reborn' claim seemingly make it all the more horrifyingly obscene. 


  1. I'm trying to hunt down that piano track from Gypsy & the Cat, too. Any leads?

    1. Found it eventually:

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