Friday 26 August 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/08/2016: Earl Sweatshirt, Isaiah Rashad, Thundercat and more ...

There were a plethora of tracks competing for a place this week. Danny Brown’s new deviant joint didn’t make the cut. Not even Metallica’s latest old skool offering was able to squeeze its way in. Eventually I was able to whittle the selection down to these six beauties. Enjoy!


'Balance' - Earl Sweatshirt

It's barely a minute in length and Earl’s reliably-sloth-like stream-of-consciousness bars are nothing to write home about... BUT DAT BEAT THO. Producer Knxledge throws down some gorgeous detuned jazzy piano. And that kick drum is so buried in reverb it sounds like its coming from the core of the Earth.

 ‘I mean’ – Isaiah Rashad

Another rapper known for his lethargic style, Isaiah Rashad has clearly gone on a break from the blunts because he’s sounding more pumped up and lively than ever on this single (his tone almost reminiscent of another certain TDE-signee at times...). It could be signs of a more pumped up and lively upcoming album from the emcee.

'New Girl' - Dollie Demi

'I'm a new girl now' is a sentiment I can relate to (well, maybe not the 'girl' bit, but certainly the whole theme of positively reinventing oneself). And the contrast from verse to chorus is truly satisfying, the Manchester singer switching from rueful pop diva to revitalised rock chick.

'Put Your Finger On it' - Humble Scoundrel

These Leeds lads are here to put the 'raw' in rawk, sporting a guitar tone that's absolutely badass. If I had to put my finger on who they sound like, I'd say a more unhinged Jack White with traces of Royal Blood. See that play button? Put your finger on it.

'Bus In These Streets' - Thundercat

Over a cartoonish avant-jazz instrumental singer/bassist Thundercat sings chirpily about our unhealthy symbiotic relationship with technology. 'It's ok to disconnect sometimes' he declares, a statement I whole-heartedly agree with  (I say this whilst blogging from my phone with headphones on). I'm not sure what the man on the office chair surfing the ejaculating condom in the artwork has to do with any of it, but its certainly interesting.


'Nikes' - Frank Ocean

At first I thought this was a pitched up version but it turns out the chipmunk vocals are intentional.  This doesn't bode well for what could be on Blond (I still haven't got round to listening to it!)