Thursday 1 September 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 02/09/2016: Mick Jenkins, Sleigh Bells, Sampha and more...

Going back to school this September? Why not impress your buddies with these new tracks and be remembered forever as the second coolest kid that ever lived (me being the first coolest, obviously)...


‘Drowning’ – Mick Jenkins ft. BADBADNOTGOOD

Following on from Waves and The Waters, Mick Jenkins continues his infatuation with water with this new single ‘Drowning’. The Chicago rapper’s dynamic delivery is matched by a suspenseful instrumental courtesy of Canadian jazz trio BADBADNOTGOOD – the descending bass riff perfectly encapsulating the feeling of slowly sinking.

‘Moving on’ - Babeheaven

The soft and wispy vocals already had me tingling, but then that chorus hit with its sexual washes of synth and now I think I’m pregnant. Moving on…

‘Kokopelli’ – Mild High Club

US psychedelia outfit Mild High Club deliver this sleepy creepy single from their new LP Skiptracing. It lulls you in with it’s languid lounge jazz keys, before shaking you awake with some nightmarishly dissonant guitar, vocalist Alex Brettin  meanwhile living up to the band’s name by sounding mildly high.

'It’s Just Us Now' - Sleigh Bells

New York rock duo Sleigh Bells are back. Don’t worry Alexis, I’m so joyful that my make-up is running too. Fans wanting more of their old stuff will be glad to hear Derek resurrecting their early axe sound. Fans wanting something new and fresh will be equally by pleased by the eccentricities going on in this single, especially that abrupt time sig change before the hook, so abrupt it damn near gave me whiplash.

'Blood On Me' - Sampha

You know that Babeheaven track I said was so good it made me pregnant? After listening to this new soaring soul single from Sampha I think I’m probably expecting twins.


'Like A Bird' Tiffany Trump ft. Sprite & Logic

To quote a comment I read by a Youtuber: ‘This is what Trump meant when he said he'll bring back much worse than waterboarding.