Friday 16 September 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 16/09/2016: Creature from Dell Pond, Teksti-TV 666, Valborg and more...

Lots of noisy guitars this week. If you don’t like noisy guitars then y̶o̶u̶’̶r̶e̶ ̶a̶ ̶p̶u̶s̶s̶y̶ this week’s audial assortment may not be for you…


‘32 Regis Rd’ – Creature from Dell Pond

'I don't know how to love myself'. With their depressive lyrics and melancholy semi-dissonant chord choices, oddball Chicago rockers Creature from Dell Pond make most grunge groups seem upbeat. Gloomy as they are however, they're also teeming with energy, accelerating into each verse and then slamming on the brakes for the chorus in an excitingly erratic fashion. 

‘Kuustoista Vuotta Sitten’  - Teksti-TV 666

Still need more noisy guitars in your life? Try this crazy band on for size – they have five guitarists and their latest single is eleven minutes of hypnotic axe-noodling. Yes, their band name sound like a gamertag, and yes, the lyrics may require you to brush up on your Finnish, but instrumentally they make up for it, using their guitar quintet to employ some creative and mesmerising harmonies.

‘Portland Vase’ – Hollow Mask

I told you there were a lot of noisy guitars this week. Bristol duo Hollow Mask start things off tame with some dreamy vocals and a simplistic screeching riff. But then the whole track becomes lost in a thick haze of shoegazey distortion. 

 ‘Ich Bin Total’ – Valborg

Christ, you can’t possibly want more noisy guitars! Very well, soak up this riff-fest from German death metal band Valborg. Ich bin totally addicted to it.  


‘Dangerous Love’ – Sabrina Sabrok

I haven't been keeping abreast of this lady's career. Is it the two big genres that she plays with - metal and pop - drawing listeners in? Or is her huge personality the main appeal? Personally, this kind of music just gets on my tits...

‘Fat Faded Fuck Face’ – Die Antwoord

Rumours were circulating this week that South African rap duo Die Antwoord might be breaking up. Sadly, these rumours were untrue.