Friday 23 December 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/12/2016: Pool Art, Daniel Caeser, Mick Jenkins and more...

I wasn’t going to do any more 'tracks of the week' segments this year, but I’ve been getting some good stuff sent my way in the last fortnight and just had to share it. This may well be the last post of 2016, so Merry Christmas and a happy a new year! Wait, where’s my card and present?


‘Gender Balance’ – Pool Art

Following on from their previous doomy single (which made my tracks of the year), Manchester experimental rock duo Pool Art are back with another woozy dirge made up of strident percussion and shoegazey vocals. It’s not as immediately creepy, the chorus almost feel triumphant, but then the whole track dissipates into an effects-soaked howl that sounds like something between cosmic whalesong and those menacing robots from War of The Worlds. Being creative with a guitar in 2016 is difficult, but these guys are pushing things forward.

‘Call Me Danger’- Tayla

This funky pop tune was written for anyone ‘feeling 100% confident and not giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks’ according to the Birmingham artist herself. I’m a little late on the bandwagon on this one (the track was released in August, which is prehistory in blogging terms), but perhaps you can still find use for this summer jam, if anything to warm up these winter months.

‘Get You’ – Daniel Caeser ft. Kali Uchis

You really shouldn’t go on appearances. From the haircut, I expected some Lil-Yachty-style party rap, but what ensued instead was a sensually crooned r&b slowjam. If a song could make you pregnant, this would be it. In fact, slip some condoms over your headphones whilst listening. Better safe than sorry.

‘Christmas In The Sausage Skin (I know yule fit in)’ – Limbs

Bolton-based plinky plonky pop band Limbs (check out my interview with them earlier this year) have just released a Christmas EP. This humorous yuletide ditty takes the idea of a bird-in-a-bird-in-a-bird to new levels, with a crazy cook luring various feathered creatures into his kitchen to be part of his Frankenstein’s experiment. And you thought all the original Christmas song ideas had been taken?

‘Aurora Borealis’ – Mick Jenkins ft. Kaytranada

Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins and Canadian producer Kaytranada have both released critically acclaimed debut albums this year, so to see them both tie off 2016 by collaborating on a track is quite the treat. 


‘Waltz Of The Dead’ – Choking On Air

The composition is creative, but that MIDI violin sounds like it’s off a kid’s keyboard, plus the vocals are plain diabolical (and not in a devilish sense).