Friday 10 March 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/03/2017: Mastodon, Mick Jenkins, The Bug Vs Earth and more...

Tunes to distract yourself from Trump travel bans and Twitter rows over tits.


‘Andromeda’ – Mastodon

Genghis Khan. Godzilla. Your mum. Whilst they all come close, none are as mean as this riff. After releasing polarising Foo-Fighters-esque track ‘Show Yourself’, this new thrasher revives the metal elites’ original abrasive sound. Emperor of Sand, the group’s upcoming album, seems like it’s going to be a bit of a mixed bag, but I’m psyched nonetheless.

 ‘Pressed for Time’ – Mick Jenkins

Chicago artist Mick Jenkins is out to serenade the ladies with some smooth sing-rapping and lovelorn lyrics. ‘I know y’all want that hard shit. Ima give it to you’ the rapper has vowed on Twitter – just in case any of you fans thought Mick was turning soft and sappy. Personally, I don’t mind him trying to woo me over. IT’S NICE TO FEEL WANTED SOMETIMES. Make sure you stay for the beat flip at the end.

‘Perfect Symphony’ – Atlanta Snow

EDM anthems aren’t usually my thing, but there’s something about the indie-tinged vocals and Coldplay-esque ohhhs here that makes this unique and utterly infectious. The music was mixed by Dave Darlington (who has also worked with Avicii) and this shows in the song’s sparkly production.

‘Don’t Walk These Streets’ – The Bug Vs Earth

The Bug Vs Earth are a moody marriage of gloomy electronica and drone metal. A steady groove guides the listener uneasily through a murky cloud of ominous whirrs and hums. I’m not sure which noises are synth-based and which are guitar-based, which is quite exciting. There may be didgeridoos in there for all I know.

 ‘Dark stars’ – Kev Minney

A contrast to the other decibel-heavy songs featured this week, ‘Dark Stars’ is intimate and earthy folk (earthy but not earth-ly as the space themes and cosmic animated music video showcase). Delicate vocals and some emotive acoustic guitar plucking make for a song that has some true tenderness behind it, which is increasingly becoming a rarity nowadays amongst singer-songwriters.


‘Swalla’ - Jason Derulo ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

The dancehall Macarena instrumental is cool, but the lyrics are so vapid that I feel like I may have lost a couple brain cells.