Monday 3 April 2017


Meet Cloud Tangle.

Cloud Tangle is the impressive solo work of Brisbane singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Amber Ramsay.

Her latest EP, Pocket, is a goose-bump-inducingly raw depiction of heartbreak.

Sombre organs, fragile guitars and lurching percussion make up the four melancholy tracks on offer. Amber’s vocals meanwhile are sighed out and soaked in bleary-eyed reverb creating a feeling of sadness that is truly intense.

Tracks such as opener ‘Always Falling’ build slowly in a suspenseful fashion whilst the likes of closer ‘The Feeling of You’ take on a more ambient and cloudy form like a painfully nostalgic memory threatening to fade away.

Whilst there’s no shortage of gloomy artists out there, Amber’s approach feels truly distinct through its lo-fi instrumental textures and longing vocals. This concept of sadness even extends to her visuals, which are just as relentlessly bleak.

Below I interview Amber herself about the EP, her favourite sad movies and songs, as well as pizza toppings.

If Cloud Tangle was a pizza what toppings would it have?

Rain drops and fairy floss.

POCKET is an absolutely beautiful EP. The songs are all very melancholy. Do these sounds and feelings come from a personal place?

Not necessarily from a personal experience but more just ideas of stories that stem from a certain feeling.  A lot of the lyrics on the EP are metaphorical or highly elevated to make the mood darker or more intense. 

You play all the instruments on this record. Which instrument did you learn to play first?

I first learnt the piano when I was about 8 and began to learn by ear. From there I began learning songs on my own and picking up instruments like guitar and singing which was influenced by my musical exposure and tastes at the time. 

Favourite sad song and favourite sad movie?

My favourite sad song of all time would have to be Videotape by Radiohead. The track is perfectly produced and despite Radiohead's overwhelmingly sad sounding songs, this one seems to hit me the most. The saddest movie I have seen recently would be American Beauty. 

Great choices! The Brisbane music scene seems to be buzzing right now. Any unknown local groups/singers that you think the rest of the world ought to know about?

Brisbane always seems to have new bands popping up all the time. My personal favourites include Twin Haus, Dream City, Soviet X-ray Record Club, Sweater Curse, First Beige, Heir Fuller, In Real Life, Bid Dead, McKisko, PYNES, FOREVR, Vulture Circus and heaps more...

What does the future hold for Cloud Tangle?

No solid plans as of yet. I am hoping to travel overseas for a while and record an album somewhere secluded. In the short term I will be writing some new material and planning an east coast tour. 

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