Friday 3 May 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW SONGS OF THE WEEK 03/05/2019: Taylor Swift, Logic, Vola Tila and more...



Homicide - Logic ft. Eminem & Chris D’Elia

This is largely what I expected from a Logic and Eminem collaboration – a huge diss-fest delivered at hyperspeed with little actual artistic value. But hey, it’s still enjoyable! Both Logic and Eminem are in their element when they treat rap like a sport instead of trying to be soppy or political. The spooky beat is also fun and I appreciate the hilarious verse from comedian Chris D’Elia at the end (it’s clearly a piss-take of rappers like Logic and Eminem and the fact that its included shows an endearing level of self-deprecation).

‘New Behaviour’ – Vola Tila

Swedish duo Vola Tila deliver this captivating alt-pop song, which they’ve self-described as a ‘personal apocalypse’. The vocals are truly emotive and the lashings of synth effects are so cool you’ll barely notice how conventional the chords actually are. I also love that punchy clap/snare that comes in during the chorus, adding extra power to an already powerful song.

‘Wasting Time’ – Warming

If Bob Dylan were to embrace synthpop, I imagine this would be the result. The creative sound is in fact the work of Winnipeg singer and multi-instrumentalist Warming, whose new album (including this song) was written whilst living out of a van. The driving pace of the instrumentation and the lyrics recounting his life’s journey definitely capture this nomadic ‘living out of a van’ feel.

‘Second Guess’ – TARA

There’s nothing quite like a soaring shoegaze song - and this track from New York band TARA takes soaring to new levels, heading high up into the mesosphere where even Ruppell’s vulture fails to ascend. Just when you think it can’t get any more beautiful the band even bring in some twinkling synths to drain the last reserves of endorphins from your pituitary gland.

‘Kintsugi’ – Jake

When the thudding house beat came in, I worried that this may not be as dynamic as his last single ‘Shoganai’. However, that’s certainly not the case – at the one minute mark the track breaks away into an whirlwind of swirling pianos and synths that pan from one headphone to the next. It’s both anxiety-inducing and oddly peaceful.


'ME' - Taylor Swift ft. Brendan Urie

Spelling is fun!’ Is this a CBeebies song? Taylor Swift has gone from being tryhard edgy to nauseatingly cute and bubbly, and I honestly don’t know which is worse. That said, the music video is quite impressive, although I’m sure it cost the GDP of a small country to produce.