Friday 10 April 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 10/04/2020: Drake, Thundercat, Slyrydes and more...

Why does Drake look like he’s about to burgle his own house?


‘Innerstellar Love’ – Thundercat

Thundercat’s new album is out (review coming soon) and this is the jazziest single we’ve heard from it. Props to Thundercat’s brother who is on drums – the percussion is mental on this track. A stellar performance, you could say. Sax maestro Kamasi Washington also stars on the track with a celestial solo. Alright, I’m out of shitty star-related puns now.

‘A Rock n Roll Story’ – Beau Bowen

This track is utterly bonkers. It starts off like an Ozzy Osbourne ballad and then launches into a bombastic guitar solo soaked in ray gun effects before settling back into sweet ballad mode as if nothing just happened. It’s like a condensed version of Bohemian Rhapsody or Stairway to Heaven.

‘Three Day Hangover’ – Strange Demons

‘Three Day Hangover’ takes influence from turn-of-the-millennium alt rock. I hear elements of Foo Fighters, Alien Ant Farm and Weezer (pretty much all the bands of my childhood). The tumultuous riffs and belting chorus are truly satisfying. Next time I have a three day hangover (hangovers seem to last that long these days) this will be the anthem that gets me through.

‘Cool To Be Unhappy’ – Elephant Castle

Elephant Castle is the new project of former Foster The People member, Phil Danyew. With its dreamy vocals and groovy indie-pop sound, I can definitely hear the Foster The People influence. There are also some psychedelic shimmering synths that remind me of Tame Impala’s recent output. As for the lyrics, according to Phil: ‘‘Cool to Be Unhappy’ is about a girl I once loved that thought it was cool to be unhappy. Needless to say it didn’t work out’.

‘I Claim To Be Intelligent’ – Slyrydes

Galway rock group Slyrydes could be a band to watch. The howling guitars and pummelling drums immediately grabbed my attention and the exasperated vocals then kept me hooked. The track explodes at the 1:20 mark – I can barely understand the heavily accented yelling but I’m feeling it (besides, it’s a lot more intelligible than their last single ‘Mental Health’). A grisly video meanwhile accompanies the track featuring a boxer progressively getting more bloodied. They’re like a more dishevelled and distraught Fontaines D.C.  


‘Toosie Slide’ – Drake

Delivered with all the energy of a limpet, Drake unveils this new half-baked attempt at a viral dance song. It’s lazy and boring - and yet you can bet people will be sliding along to it on TikTok. I’m also not sure why he’s dressed up as a burglar in his home, although it’s good to see he’s staying indoors (his house is absolutely insane!).