Friday 27 November 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 27/11/2020: Saba, SOMBRA, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and more...


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‘Areyoudown? Pt. 2’ – Saba ft. tobi lou

Yes, there is a part 1 to this track. No, you don’t have to have heard it before listening to part 2. Accompanied by a loopy sampled guitar, ‘Areyoudown? Pt. 2’ sees Saba teaming up with fellow Chicago rapper tobi lou to lay down some smooth and melodic flows. In fact, their styles are so similar here, I could barely distinguish the two of them (is that good chemistry or bad chemistry?). Saba has been dropping a multitude of new songs recently. Could there be a new album in the pipeline?

‘Are You Well?’ – SOMBRA

What genre is this? The fuzzy bass riff is distinctly rock-flavoured but the grimy synths sound almost hip hop inspired. The Montreal act describe themselves on their Facebook page as ‘music to turn off the lights to’. If so, it’s certainly not music for unwinding to in the evening, but music for accompanying a 3am anxiety attack (the lyrics are in fact about questioning one’s mental state, and the importance of asking yourself ‘are you well?’). All in all, it’s fresh and exciting stuff. The single comes off the band’s new album Free From Interruption, which is out today.

‘Freeze’ – brushstroke

This psychedelic r&b track is the work of Philly-based artist brushstroke. The song paints a bittersweet picture of falling in love with someone while knowing it’s never going to work out, accompanied by a vibrant palette of glossy synths, splashes of slinky bass and colourful percussion (I think that’s probably enough paint brush references). It’s a unique and intoxicating sound.   

‘I See You’ – Masha Novik

With its warm keys, reverb-slathered vocals and shimmering guitars, this track from London-based alt rock artist Masha Novik has a gorgeously dreamy vibe to it. The elongated delivery ‘all night loooong’ and the fade-out at the end make me feel as if I’ve been lulled to sleep. It’s not quite shoegaze, but it’s definitely got that atmosphere to it.

‘Science Fair’ – Black Country, New Road

This band sounds like a UK mutation of Slint and Scott Walker. REFERENCES REFERENCES REFERENCES. The repetitive bass riff and dissonant guitar/sax combo provide the perfect creepy backdrop for the spoken word mental breakdown over the top. IT’S BLACK COUNTRY OUT THERE (Or should I say IT’S BLACK FRIDAY OUT THERE!!!!) As you can tell, this track is so deranged that it’s rubbed off on me. Also, what the heck is going on in the video??? It has nothing to do with Cambridge science fair.  


‘Intrasport’ – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

It was only a matter of time before King Gizzard started making house music (considering they’ve already tackled every other genre from psych folk to thrash metal). The 90s Turkish house style that they’ve gone for here feels a bit tacky for my liking, but props to King Gizzard for continuing to do whatever the fuck they want.