Friday 26 February 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 26/02/2021: Kazaizen, Gilan, Slowthai and more...

I haven't got anything to say in this week's intro others than R.I.P Daft Punk.


‘Telephone (All Alone) -  Kazaizen

I’m not sure what’s going on in the video (what’s BB-8 doing there?), but I absolutely love what I’m hearing. Fuzzed-out bass, spacey guitars, dreamy vibraphones and reverb-soaked vocals all come together to create an intensely psychedelic pop/rock track. It floats along, propelled by some funky drums that inventively stall every four bars as if the track is about to drift off. It then ends with some noisy looping before abruptly cutting out (I felt like I’d sharply woken up from a dream). The Minnesota singer and multi-instrumentalist produced the entire track in his home studio. It comes off of his  debut album Cyclops Dragon Light Switch (fantastic album title), which I’ll be checking out.

‘The City’ – Ansatz (Dora Noszkay remix)

Electronic producer Ansatz takes choppy vocal editing to new extremes with this thrillingly creative remix. It takes the beguiling vocals from Dora Noszkay’s folk song ‘The City’ and dices them to create a frenetic, stuttering sonic assault (imagine breakcore, but with chopped up vocals instead of percussion).  I’ve heard plenty of songs that use chopped-up vocals like this, but I’ve never heard them carry a song like this before at such an intense speed. It’s left me hungry for more.

‘Twice’ – Gilan

‘Twice’ is the work of singer-songwriter Gilan. It’s a haunting guitar ballad accompanied by creative thumping percussion about meeting people with toxic behavioural traits that you’ve experienced before. The arpeggiated chord progressions are entrancing and there’s a lot of raw emotion in the vocals. Definitely an artist to watch.

‘Perseid 45’ – Jango Flash

Jango Flash - Perseid 45 from Matthew Willson on Vimeo.

Jango Flash has dubbed his sound ‘kamikaze pop’ – it sounds like a mix of Tame-Impala-esque psych rock and Klaxons-esque indie-dance, and I’m seriously digging it. Shimmering synths and fuzzy guitars play out over a stomping beat with some infectious vocals over the top. It’s accompanied by a charming video in which Jango pursues his childhood dream of going to space in a carboard spaceship with a blow-up doll.

‘adhd’ – Slowthai

This latest single from UK rapper Slowthai comes off his new record TYRON. It shows off a more subdued side of the rapper that we rarely get to hear (aside from the angry shouting at the end) and sees him discussing what it’s like to live with ADHD. The beat is magnificent and the visual are very glossy.


‘Toxic’ – Pussy Riot ft. Dorian Grey (produced by 100 Gecs)

WARNING: THIS IS NOT A BRITNEY SPEARS COVER. Pussy Riot, Dorian Grey and 100 Gecs have set out to create the most repulsive song conceivable here and they’ve succeeded. That chorus with its industrial clunking and glitched-out screeching is utterly ghastly. Even the video is gross. This is hyperpop at its most obnoxious. Will I ever listen to it again? Absolutely not.