Saturday 24 July 2021


YOU FORGOT TO DO A TRACK ROUNDUP LAST WEEK! Yes, yes, I know. I’ve decided to make up for it with this special edition extravaganza post – instead of just featuring six tracks from the last week, I’ll be featuring ten tracks from the last two weeks. I was going to go for twelve tracks but I didn’t have the time. This week’s lineup includes Lone, BADBADNOTGOOD, WILLOW, Georgie Gordon, Sam Florian, MACY, SILT, Ace Caped Crusader, underscores and Lorde…


‘Hidden by Horizons’ – Lone ft. Morgane Diet

Lone may well be my favourite electronic producer ever. When he drops a new tune, I drop everything. Doesn’t matter if I’m cradling a hot cup of coffee or holding someone’s baby. I’M DROPPING IT TO LISTEN TO LONE. This new single ‘Hidden by Horizons’ sees the producer throwing down some signature ear-gasmic synth work, but this time with some start-stop breakbeat percussion added to the mix. It’s also one of the few Lone tracks thus far to contain guest vocals – they definitely add to the dreamy ambience. Lone will be releasing a new album later this year titled Always Inside Your Head.

‘Signal From The Noise’ – BADBADNOTGOOD

Toronto jazz ensemble BADBADNOTGOOD will also be dropping a new album later this year called Talk Memory. Their newest track is a lugubrious 9 minute instrumental. It’s got a darker and grittier edge than some of their recent music, reminding me of some of their early output. The bass guitar is soaked in distortion giving it a rock flavour and the drumming is more intense that ever. I don’t know what’s going on in the video, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

‘G R O W’ – WILLOW ft. Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker

A lot of artists have been jumping on pop-punk revival bandwagon recently. Now Willow Smith has decided to hop aboard - and she’s really gone to town with it. She’s roped together pop-punk idols Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker to create this legitimately nostalgic anthem (it sounds like its straight from a 00s high school movie). The track comes off of WILLOWs new album, which sees her taking a rock direction.

‘Wot U Sed’ – Isaiah Rashad ft. Kal Banx and Doechii

Chatanooga rapper Isaiah Rashad has fine-tuned his lethargic flow and now sounds smoother than ever. The glossy beat is gorgeous too and Doechii’s verse add some bubbly dynamics to the track. ‘Wot U Sed’ is set to appear on Zay’s upcoming album The House Is Burning, which drops next Friday.

‘4-track’ – Geordie Gordon

This single from Toronto artist Geordie Gordon playfully compares the process of building a relationship to recording a track. It’s got a Tom Petty vibe to it that I’m digging and I love the ‘elusive’ chord progression that opens and closes the song. The retro low-budget video is also a fun touch. Geordie Gordon is releasing an album titled The Tower this September.

‘Can’t Have My Heart’ – Sam Florian ft. Rakel

Swedish bedroom pop artist Sam Florian has dropped this addictive single titled ‘Can’t Have My Heart’. It features a hypnotic stomping groove and an infectious hook. The track also contains guest vocals from fellow Swedish singer Rakel. The two singers compliment each other really well.

‘Rainbow Eyes’ – MACY

Sometimes all you need is a chirpy pop bop to cheer you up. With its funky guitars and sugary vocal harmonies, this track from South Wales singer MACY is so bright and vibrant that I practically got sunburn just listening to it. 

‘I Always Need A Break’ – SILT

This track is the work of Melbourne alt-pop/indie-rock group SILT. Dreamy verses accompanied by serene guitars segue into a beautiful soaring chorus with rolling drums. The track unleashes its rock side towards the end with some distorted guitars and a sweet wailing solo.

‘Second hand embarrassment’ – underscores

There’s a lot going on in this two minute grungy hyperpop tune. The vocals are super-catchy and the start-stop beat is really creative (it's like Feeder meets 100 Gecs). I also wasn't expecting it to get all heavy and angsty at the end. 


‘Stoned At The Nail Salon’ – Lorde

This sounds like a rejected Lana Del Rey ballad. The production is utterly bland and Lorde's stoned words of wisdom don't attempt to reach any conclusion.