Monday 14 February 2022

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14/02/2022: Caroline Polachek, The Derevolutions, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more...

I was supposed to post this Friday, but whatever - here it is three days late. This week's roundup features tracks from Caroline Polachek, The Derevolutions, Dalek, Disorientations, Kim & Buran and Red Hot Chili Peppers.


‘Billions’ – Caroline Polachek

Here’s a Valentine’s Day love song for all the billionaires out there. It’s got some wonderfully wacky lyrics including ‘sexting sonnets under the table’ and ‘lies like a sailor/ but he loves like a painter’. Combined with the crushed grapes and ants in the video, the message of the song is all quite cryptic (sorry Bezos and Musk, but I don’t think it’s a genuine love song about billionaires). Caroline’s voice is utterly hypnotic – especially the way she utters ‘billi-yennns’. The shimmering synths and choral harmonies meanwhile make for a dazzling backdrop. It’s a phenomenal song.

‘I Started Running From The Sun’ – The Derevolutions

‘I Started Running From The Sun’ is a stomping funky effects-swamped indie pop jam that half-way through transforms into a surprise cover of ‘Stand By Me’. It’s utterly deranged, and right up my alley. The Boston duo dropped a 62-track album last year titled I Want Up, which could be worth listening to if you’ve got a spare three hours (I’m usually not a fan of long albums, but this entertainingly wild track has got me curious).

‘Decimation (Dis Nation)’ – Dalek

Dalek have been making experimental rap for decades. As a big fan of experimental weirdo-rap, Dalek are the type of group I ought to be very familiar with, but I'm not. In fact, this is my first time listening to them. The rapping seems fairly conventional, however I’m really digging the spacey industrial production.

‘Watching You Go’ – Disorientations

I featured this post-punk trio’s last thrilling single ‘Allied’ back in December. ‘Watching You Go’ is another killer song with a similarly addictive bass riff and anguished vocals, this time with some aggressive racing snares propelling it along. It comes off the band’s new album Memory Lanes which is out now.

‘Phazerdelique’ – Kim & Buran (Diskette Remix)

St Petersburg duo Kim & Buran have just released a new album titled Tramplin. Lead single ‘Phazerdelique’ is a cosmic disco instrumental with an infectious bassline and lots of celestial swirling synths  - you can hear the original version here. The Diskette remix takes it to a new level with a more punchy and low-end-heavy sound.  


‘Black Summer’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Why does Kiedis sound like he’s putting on a bad Irish accent?