Friday 18 February 2022

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 18/02/2022: Vince Staples, Fontaines D.C., Benee and more...

It's been a bit windy today. Here are the songs I've been listening to while taking shelter from flying bins and trampolines. Artists featured this week include Vince Staples, Fontaines D.C., Benee, Oberka, Morning Silk and Yeat.


‘Magic’ – Vince Staples ft. Mustard

Vince is back in Banger Mode. The rapper’s intimate and woozy self-titled 2021 album was a bit too subdued for me. This song is much more infectious and energetic – Vince’s delivery is a lot livelier, and I love the funky synth-bass-driven beat courtesy of Mustard (apparently, he’s not calling himself ‘DJ Mustard’ anymore and hasn’t been since 2018. Why am I only discovering this now???).

‘I Love You’ – Fontaines D.C.

‘I Love You’ makes up for it’s crappy generic title by being one of the best rock tracks I’ve heard so far this year. The way those melancholy guitars come in at the beginning is magical – it’s got a Stone Roses vibe to it. Grian Chatten’s vocals meanwhile are utterly gripping, beginning as an intimate sigh and evolving into passionately angry sprechgesang. The Irish post-punk band are dropping a new album Skinty Fia in April.

‘Beach Boy’ – Benee

New Zealand pop singer Benee is still yet to create any song as fun as ‘Snail’. However, this song is a close contender - the bouncy guitars and fluttering vocal harmonies in the chorus are so damn feelgood. It’s also interesting to hear ‘my bitch’ being used as a term of endearment for a dude.

‘Saxamaphone’ – Oberka

This track from Taiwanese producer Oberka is thrilling stuff. It’s a unique mix of arpeggiated synths, jazzy sax, diverse vocal samples and kooky hip hop percussion. It comes straight off his new album BELTA.

‘Skin’ – Morning Silk (ft. Sur Back)

‘Skin’ is a synth-heavy indie pop song about trying to ‘chase your dreams and pay your rent’. It’s got a catchy hook and lots of fun melodies and textures (I love those synchronised vocals and guitar at 1.16). The guest vocals from Sur Back also add an extra dimension to it. Morning Silk’s debut album will be dropping later this year.  


‘Still Counting’ – Yeat

This dude sounds like a carbon copy of Playboi Carti and yet he has the audacity to rap: ‘All of you rappers be sounding the same/ Bitch, I couldn’t even tell you apart’.