Tuesday 10 June 2014

Review of 'Animal Ambition' by 50 Cent

I misread the title of this album as ‘animal abortion’ the first time it was announced. I’ve been listening to too much death metal!

 ...Anyway, 50 cent. Who is he? It’s been a while since Fiddy’s last release but anyone who knows anything about hip hop will be familiar with the bulletproof business tycoon and noughties rapper and his much played hits ‘In Da Club’ and ‘Candy Shop’.

Personally, I’ve always found 50 Cent pretty mediocre. He’s definitely real (he used to be a genuine crack-dealing gangster) and I admire that about him, but his unenthusiastic delivery and run-of-the-mill lyrical content have never grabbed me. This album contains some catchy hooks here and there that I like (‘Pilot’ and ‘Hustler’), and Fiddy’s flow is always on point. There are definitely some fun moments on this album. Tracks like the self-titled ‘Animal Ambition’ stick out with its growl chorus and funky instrumental. Sadly, a lot of the other tracks are otherwise pretty generic and the guest emcees don’t offer much (I can’t stand Jadakiss’s verse on 'Irregular Heartbeat'). Also, the tracks that try to be dance floor fillers simply aren’t punchy enough for today’s standards. 'Twisted' is a nice track but it doesn’t have the energy to be blasted in a club. Props to 50 Cent for not jumping on the trap rap bandwagon though and keeping his style.

Animal Ambition is definitely an album that I can jam with and it had my head bobbing along throughout but there’s nothing outstanding about it. Fiddy fans should still check it out. Also, its worth noting that the rapper has another album coming out this September, so if you like this record you can expect more in a few months!