Saturday 14 June 2014

Review of 'Lazaretto' by Jack White

Okay, so there’s a little too much country on this album for my liking. Do all rock musicians have to go through this phase? Is it a rite of passage?

Unlike some artists out there, Jack White does manage to infuse the Nashville sound into his style, whilst keeping a level of creativity and excitement. His lyrics are a big help. They’re deep, sometimes a little too deep for a lazy listener like myself to bother decoding i.e. ‘birds of a feather may lay together/ but the ugliest one’s always under the gun’. It sounds cool and all but the preachy proverb nature of it turns me off wanting to deconstruct it and build my own interpretation. 

Other tracks like ‘Three Women’  - a deep purple-style rock ode to group sex – appeal much more to the meat-headed rock side of me. When this album rocks, it rocks. The title track ‘Lazaretto’ and the third to last track ‘That Black Bat Licorice’ stand out for me with their infectiously groovy riffs – the gain knob set to 11. 

This is definitely a record I’ll return to as there's definitely a sense of flair here, the album being his most genre diverse yet. With repeated listens I might get more patient with the lyrics and start getting more out of it. Right now, the whole experience feels pretty lukewarm. I just wish there was less country.