Wednesday 3 December 2014

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 03/12/2014: St. Vincent, Little Boots, Chance the Rapper and more…

I tried my hardest this week to find some shit music to pull apart but came back from my internet travels empty-handed. As a result, it’s all gems this week – no junk. This of course is no bad thing. Feast your ears on these killer tracks!


'Sunday Candy' - Chance the Rapper ft. The Social Experiment & Jamila Woods

Chicago emcee, Chance the Rapper, is really impressing me right now with his positivity and honest personality. This latest joint is one of his most cheerful and bubbly singles yet, taking sex on in a sophisticated manner. It features some upbeat singing from Jamila Woods and a live instrumental sporting pianos, horns and steel drums performed by soul/hip hop group, The Social Experiment. December needs more songs this warm.

'Peanut Butter' - Krill

This track’s been floating around for a couple months, but is still going sorely unheard, so I’m plugging it. Boston band, Krill, have an indie rock sound that’s almost dissonant but nonchalantly feelgood at the same time. An absurd music video accompanies this latest single, in which all the members take part in a peanut butter bukkake. Somebody dies in the process. ALL SIGNS OF A GOOD HOUSE PARTY #antics

'Only You' - Attaque

I have to admit, I was mainly drawn in by the adorable visuals accompanying this track in which the viewer is invited to follow the frustrated search of a lonely insect looking for his lost soulmate, Mila. It was only when I watched it the second time that I realised how awesome the brooding electronic track underneath is. It's a suspenseful layering of textures that builds and builds but never quite bursts. 

'Business Pleasure' - Little Boots

UK electropop artist, Little Boots, has dropped this new track with an eerie, hi-octane sci-fi-sounding instrumental courtesy of US producer, Com Truise. This is music for speeding to at night with shades on. Not that I condone such activity – wearing shades at night is impractical.

'Pieta' - St. Vincent

Earlier this year art rock/pop artist, St. Vincent, released a bomb of an album. Now she’s dropped two singles that didn’t make the cut, ‘Pieta’ and ‘Sparrow’. Both are worth a listen, but ‘Pieta’ is more my jam. The groovy bassline and ambient chorus are gorgeous.

'Midnight' - Joker

This one had me tensely watching the soundcloud waveforms as the track progressed. It starts with some smooth, sexy keys that could be the background to an R Kelly track and evolves into a mellow dubstep anthem, featuring some sampled vocals from J-Lo. The Bristolian producer is killing it right now.