Wednesday 13 May 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 13/05/2015: Sam Gellaitry, A$AP Rocky, AronChupa and more...

Another week has passed, the Tories are still running the country and I'm still struggling to write introductions to these weekly segments. Let's just get on with it shall we?


'Paper' - Sam Gellaitry

18-year-old Scottish electronic producer, Sam Gellaitry, seems to consistently be pushing the envelope, composing jittery instrumentals that play with every sound conceivable. This latest offering starts with some gorgeous piano chords before divebombing into a surprise spiky synth riff. When the key change hit at the end my mind blew and now I can’t get the brain matter off the walls.

'I Don’t Think She Cares' - White Reaper

Kentucky punk rockers, White Reaper, deliver this angry ode to an ex, to the accompaniment of galloping guitars and a loopy Bloc-Party-esque synth riff. I’m particularly liking the singer’s vocal tone here and look forward to hearing a full length album of similarly snappy crazed rock jams (an LP entitled White Reaper Does It Again is in the works!).

'Everyday' - A$AP Rocky (ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel & Mark Ronson)

This isn’t the usual trap rap banger I’ve come to expect from the Asap mobster, which is refreshing. There is a twerkworthy beat change in the middle but the remainder feels charmingly old-skool featuring an organ-heavy beat courtesy of Mark Ronson and a soulful hook shared between Miguel and - of all people - Rod Stewart.

'Hunter' - Farao

At first I thought this was going to be eerie Marika-Hackman-style folk. Then the electronica kicked in, followed by horns, by which point I’d gave up trying to lump the track under a genre. Nowegian singer-songwriter, Farao, is clearly in lane all of her own. Her haunting vocal delivery is absolutely captivating.


'Double Cup' - Major Lazer & Riff Raff

Major Lazer isn't sounding obnoxious enough and Riff Raff isn't sounding goofy enough. Otherwise it's the best codeine anthem I've heard this month.

'Albatraoz' - AronChupa

Swedish or not – they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with mispronouncing and misspelling random words like this. Urban Dictionary claims that an Albatraoz is ‘a strong woman’, but I don’t believe them. Clearly, this track was a deliberate attempt to create the most annoying club song conceivable. I mean, surely no-one genuinely enjoys this trash? RIGHT?