Wednesday 27 May 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 27/05/2015: Disclosure, Drake, Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment and more...

Radio DJs have been beating baby rabbits to death with bicycle pumps. The UK got beaten by Australia in Eurovision. It’s been a cruel and confusing week, but no need to fear, I am here to bring hope and joy to the world in the form of music, words and pretty pictures.


‘Holding On’  - Disclosure

After hearing the Lawrence brothers’ last single ‘Bang That’, I grew fearful that Disclosure were about to lose their charm and start writing twerk anthems. However, this latest single ‘Holding on’ has rekindled my faith in them, sporting the EDM duo’s signature sparkly synth swells and a killer guest vocal performance from jazz singer, Gregory Porter. Disclosure have announced this track as the first single from their upcoming album (which means ‘Bang That’ won’t make the cut – hell yeah!).

 ‘Cities of Gold’ – Lone

Made in 2004, this previously unreleased track from the Nottingham electronic producer has only just seen the light of day. It isn’t the nostalgic sugar rush we’ve come to expect from Lone. The opening hard and schizophrenic percussion is anything but sweet. However, the last half does show hints of what was to come, the industrial drumming gradually petering out into a passage of dreamy ambient synths.

Lone has recently been dropping a lot of previously unreleased old material, which fans can stream on his Soundcloud.

‘On a Wave’ – Drake ft. Tinashe

I’m sorry Drake and Tinashe. I know you didn’t want us to hear this track and that some gluttonous hacker decided to leak it prematurely on the internet. I could have chosen to not listen to it out of protest, but alas I have no willpower and I gave in (and now I’m streaming it on repeat). Unlike most leaks, this is actually a damn good track that I’m glad wasn’t shelved. The instrumental is atmospherically moody and the two artist’s breathy vocal performances complement it so well.  

‘Hiatus’ – Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment

Will Chance ever release his new album? ‘Hiatus’ is the latest track to surface from the Chicago emcee and his backing band, set to appear on Surf. It’s a groovy little number with some great internal rhyming. I was just getting into it around the one minute mark – and then it abruptly ended without any warning whatsoever. I’m guessing there’ll be a full version on the album, but honestly, Chance, I know you’re just trying to tease us, BUT STOP FUCKING AROUND AND GIVE US YOUR ALBUM ALREADY!  

‘Jacaranda’ – Trails and Ways

I just can’t get enough of these Oakland indie rockers. Their music is just so feelgood and summery – particularly this brand new glittery track. It makes me want to run naked through fields of dandelions. I don’t care if I get done for indecent exposure. I don’t care if it doesn’t agree with my hayfever. I’m doing it and you can’t stop me.


‘Mercy’ – Muse

‘Dead Inside’ and ‘Psycho’ seemed ambitious, even if they weren’t perfect. By comparison, ‘Mercy’ just feels like unaspiring radio rock. I’m hoping Drones doesn’t contain any more bores like this track