Monday 11 May 2015

Review of 'Lustmore' by Lapalux

UK producer Lapalux isn't the kind of EDM artist you put on to get the party started. His style of electronica is engineered more specifically for the 4am comedown. Warm and weightless jazzy synths tinkle to the accompaniment of subtle shuffling electronic percussion. The feeling is one of drunken mellowness, the post-night-out feeling of euphoria that we all think is worth the hangover the next morning. It’s a great choice of mood. However, when sustained for an album, this mood does start to lose its momentum slightly. There are no fast-paced tracks or grooves to get the heart pumping and the contributions from guest vocalists are all sweet but utterly forgettable, lacking entirely in hooks. That said, this record does have its standout moments. The smoky sax in ‘Puzzle’ transports me to a veranda overlooking evening Manhattan and the opening chord progression of ‘Midnight Peelers’ is what I imagine plays when entering the pearly white gates.