Friday 19 February 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 19/02/2016: Animal Collective, Pet Shop Boys, Macklemore and more...

I apologise now for the lack of Kanye.


'War Cry' – Jaggery

Commencing with a tribal drum beat and some banshee-like-screeching, I knew immediately that this track was going to a weird one, which is good because weird is right up my alley. This happens to be the opening track to the Boston ‘avant-rock’ band’s upcoming album, Crux. Check out my review here.

'Coffee' - Kal Marks

Boston is clearly a breeding ground for bonkers bands right now. This seven-minute rock number from Exploding In Sound signees Kal Max begins with some evil sludgy doom metal riffage before abruptly making way for lighter grungy rock. I wasn’t too impressed with the tired vocals – he sounds like he could do with some coffee. Saying that, he does seem to wake up towards the end of track. In fact, he starts screaming his lungs out. Too much coffee perhaps?

'Golden Gal' – Animal Collective

The bass reminds me of Rugrats. Except soaked in Animal Collective’s usual dose of psychedelia. Basically, acid-infused Rugrats.

'The Pop Kids' – Pet Shop Boys

It’s interesting that an eighties band would want to release what sounds like a nineties house anthem in 2016. Struggling to keep with the times? In any case, it sounds bloody awesome. Time to gather up my glowsticks, my raver bracelets, my pacifier and my smiley pasties!

'No Harm' - Yes We Mystic

If Alt J and Everything Everything had a baby it would sound like this (although quite how they'd reproduce is a mystery, considering both band are all dudes).


'Spoons' – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Did he just compare his girlfriend’s belly to Gucci Mane’s? Great, now all I can imagine is Macklemore spooning Gucci Mane.