Friday 5 February 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 5/02/2016: Tom Misch, Denzel Curry, BJ The Chicago Kid and more...

Those looking for my opinion on Zayn Malik's new song will be sorely disappointed. Some songs are simply neither impressive nor unimpressive enough to write about.


‘Make Some Light’ - Rippls

Stuttering keys, synth marimbas and chirpy vocal clippings make up this creative electronic track from unknown Soundcloud producer, Rippls. The mood is very summery – far too summery for this miserable time of the year, but oh well, I can deal with it.  

‘This Won’t Take Long...’ – Uxo

It didn’t take long. From the opening skulking riffs and angry shouty vocals I was immediately hooked on this noisy number from newly-formed metal band, Uxo. This track comes straight off the group's self-titled debut album which dropped this week.

‘Easy Love’ – Tom Misch & Carmody

20-year-old producer Tom Misch sure knows how to deliver a smooth beat. His vocals aren’t bad either, although it’s London singer Carmody’s female touch that really adds that’s extra sparkle.

‘Purposely’ – Denzel Curry

HOPE YOU DIE OF AIDS!’. As diss tracks go, this is pretty brutal. Quite what fellow Floridian rapper SpaceGhostPurpp did to deserve this is a mystery. All I know is Denzel isn’t about to kiss and make up any time soon (he sounds pumped!). The trap instrumental is also ridiculous.

‘Turning Me Up’ – BJ The Chicago Kid

Chicago singer-songwriter BJ the Chicago Kid rides some feelgood funk on this new single. Watch everybody getting their groove on in the video, available here.


'I&I' - LUH

As interesting as the dude’s voice is, I don’t feel his croaky screech really suits the bright build-up. Calm down mate, you’re not in a metal band.