Friday 8 April 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/04/2016: Schoolboy Q, Tinie Tempah, Kaytranada and more...

I’ve been binging on mostly hip hop this week, so I apologise to all you non-rap fans. All I can say is DAT BEAT THO…


'Groovy Tony' - Schoolboy Q

DAT BEAT THO. I mean, sure, I’ve missed this Top Dawg signee and his mean delivery, but it’s the tussling percussion and those staccato ‘blank face’ chants that have me hooked. As far as I’m aware the 'Tony' in the title refers to Scarface villain Tony Montana, Schoolboy Q likening himself to the evil movie gangster: ‘Robbin your kids too/ my heart an igloo/ the devil all in blue’. Well, it certainly isn't about Tony Blair, is it?

'Flash' - Tinie Tempah

Tinie Tempah’s lyrics here aren’t anything special, I’m not going to lie to you. And the UK rapper actually released this is a fair while back (so I've only just learnt)… BUT DAT BEAT THO!!! Honestly, can grime get any grimier? This beat is practically Death-Grips-level filthy. It’s off the Richter Scale. IT BANGS HARDER THAN YO MAMA

'Glowed Up' - Kaytranada ft. Anderson Paak

Californian rapper/singer Anderson Paak certainly has his own engagingly unique vocal style going on here. BUT DAT BEAT THO (all right, all right, enough of that)!!! Adding in a fantastic beat change-up at the three minute mark, Kaytranada lays down an impressively glitzy soul/trap instrumental certain to uplift you for the day.

'Fever' – Luna Rosa

Reminiscent in suspenseful atmosphere to Oxford group Foals, these Northamptonshire indie rockers lay down some great guitar work, as well as some gorgeously anthemic vocals. The ‘I’ve got a fever’ line has been in my head all day, infectious as the very fever it describes.

'Turn Around' - Pink Fireball

The music video couldn’t be more accurate – groovy guitars, huge horns and flashy vocals make for an absolute roller-coaster of a track. The UK rock quartet even add in an electric bluegrass section mid-way as an extra little twist.


'Heard What I Said' - Cash Out ft. Young Sizzle

Cash Out’s mumble-rapping isn’t doing it for me. Dat beat tho? No, even this aspect remains flaccid.