Friday 15 April 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/04/2016: BADBADNOTGOOD, Jaggery, Clique and more…

BMWs, biohazard suits and Baywatch-star-boobs – I do talk some shit in these weekly segments. But bare with me, the music makes up for it.


‘Speaking Gently’ -  BADBADNOTGOOD

From dark jazz to post-rock-with-808s to Ghostface-Killah-topped-soul – BADBADNOTGOOD’S musical style in the last half-decade has gone through more changes than Pamela Anderson’s cup size. The Canadian instrumental trio’s latest direction as showcased in this track sees them picking up the groove, beginning with some sparkly keys before bringing in some drums and flutes and sax. Bring on the new album. My body is ready…

‘None of Your Love’ - BOYBOY

Want to hear something else groovy? This glitzy synthpop track from producer BOYBOY ought to do the trick. Find yourself a biohazard suit and proceed with caution. The chorus is extremely infectious.

‘Tekkers’ – Three Trapped Tigers

Still want more groove? Jesus Christ, any more and you’ll do yourself some shoulder damage. Alright, alright, you can quench your thirst with this stimulating electrorock instrumental (if electrorock wasn’t already a genre, it is now). Synths and guitars are no stranger to one another, but here their matching vibrant tones make for a refreshing sonic cocktail.

‘Garden’ - Jaggery

As you can tell from the song choices so far, I’m not one for slowburners. However, I’ll make an exception with fairytale self-proclaimed avant-rockers Jaggery, given they’re the type of crackers band that can’t do boring. Pretty piano, soothing strings and some woozy synths offer a hypnotic backdrop to Mala Singer’s powerful vocals and witty lyrical introspection. The track is off of Jaggery’s upcoming album ‘Crux’, which I already reviewed on this blog here.

‘Boundaries’ - Clique

The bus driver screams at me/ out of his half-cracked window’. The two singers with their dispirited vocal tones sound like they’re tired of life and its dramas. It’s a talent to sound both miserable and charming, but these Philly rockers manage it by also adding a sense of humour and a sense of genuine pain. Screw all these whiny modern emo bands. This is how you do it with conviction.


'BMW' – Yentown

This Jap trap rap does go hard, but the hook is stupidly silly: ‘BMW! It’s my car! It’s my car!’