Friday 14 September 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 14/09/2018: Kanye West, Buke and Gase, 21 Pilots and more…

Let's talk about that new Kanye and Lil Pump track...


‘Mythos Pathos’ – The Birthday Letters

This quirky track from London act The Birthday Letters deromanticises the legends of various tragic heroes such as Hemingway and Hamlet. The mix of synth vocals and acoustic guitars making up the upbeat instrumental is what initially grabbed me though – I don’t think I’ve heard a sound quite like it before.

‘Pink Boots’ – Buke & Gase

The music video is certainly odd. As for the lyrics, I think I made out something about ‘kitchen utensils’? All that aside, this new track from Brooklyn experimental duo Buke and Gase is enjoyably creative stuff– dirty guitars follow a jilted rhythm like noisy factory machines whilst Arone Dyer’s vocals glide over the top. Apparently, these musicians often perform on instruments that they’ve crafted themselves, showing just how far they’re willing to take their inventiveness.

‘All The Way Over The Edge (Bros Don’t Talk About Anything)’ – Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam

With a band name like Sunshine Frisbee Laserbeam, there’s no way I could have ignored this track submission. Fortunately, their sound is as wild as their name, consisting of fuzzy guitars and unpredictable shifts whilst the lyrics delve into the fact that ‘bros don’t talk about anything’ (us guys never share our emotions with each other until we get drunk and it all explodes out!).

‘Remarkable’ – cityGirl

New Jersey native cityGirl delivers some dreamy chillwave vibes with this new remarkable track ‘Remarkable’. Hazy vocals float over fluttering synths, carried along by a smooth bassline and steady drum beat. If I could fly (which I can’t, but sprouting wings is something I’m working on) this would be the perfect song for flying too.

‘My Blood’ – Twenty One Pilots

I’m loving everything that these guys are releasing recently. What I assumed was going to be a slow pensive ballad turns into a groovy hit with falsettos and a funky feelgood riff. These dudes have so much diversity. What next – a metal tune?


‘I Love It’ – Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens

This latest lyrical masterclass sees future president Kanye West teaming up with poet and philosopher Lil Pump. It also features Adele Givens – not to be confused with Adele (although that would have been interesting to hear). Eminem may as well give up now, because he’s never going to compete with bars like these.

I’M KIDDING. Of course, this song is absolute trash. The only two things Lil Pump had going for him – good beats and no autotune – have both been sacrificed in this song. As for Kanye, these are the worst bars of his career (I preferred his ‘poopity scoop’ verse earlier this year). Is he trolling us? In 2018, it's hard to tell. The music video is entertaining, I'll praise it for that – I’m loving the costumes and Kanye’s cheeky smiles.