Friday 28 September 2018

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 28/09/2018: Young Thug (ft. Elton John), Will McBride Group, Cheap Teeth and more...

It’s time for you weekly dose of Music Related Junk.


‘Touch and Go’ – Tomas Tomas

This slick nu disco tune comes courtesy of New York musician Tomas Tomas. The funky synths are delicious, and the dude’s voice has a silky almost-Frank-Ocean quality. There’s no shortage of this kind of music out there, but this is the premium quality stuff.

‘Karma’ – Will McBride Group

The last single from this group that I featured on this blog was reggae-flavoured rock. By contrast, this sees the North Carolina band going all-out funk. The slinky bass and bluesy guitar soloing show off the bands instrumental prowess, whilst Will McBride’s vocals glide effortlessly over the top.

 ‘Swingtheory’ – Quickly, Quickly

This Portland-based jazztronica producer sounds like a glitchier version of Flying Lotus. The textures are so crisply produced that it’s hard to believe this producer is only 17 years old. I also love the way it progresses – especially the key change towards the end.

‘Fly on the Wall’ – Cheap Teeth

Cheap Teeth have a sound that’s as grim as their band name. The guitar melodies sound like something from a horror fairground whilst the band’s vocalist delivers a visceral half-warble, half-shrieked style of singing over the top. If you like your rock raw, this is definitely worth sinking your (cheap) teeth into.


‘High’ – Young Thug ft. Elton John

I got pretty excited at the prospect of this weird collaboration, but it turns out that it’s not a collaboration at all. No, this is simply nothing more than a remix of ‘Rocket Man’ with some Young Thug bars over the top. Basically, Young Thug butchers a classic.

‘I Swallow His Kids’ – Princess Vitarah

The obscene track title pretty much tells you exactly what to expect – Princess Vitarah definitely doesn’t make music for kids (swallowing kids is more her thing). Even the beat is awful, featuring some flute that sounds like it was ripped from 2005-era Runescape.