Friday 7 June 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07/06/2019: Miley Cyrus, Blanck Mass, Katie Rush and more…

This week I uncover plenty of hidden gems from my inbox. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus is on one again…

‘Together’ – Katie Rush

This heartbreak-themed pop song has some really left-field production. The sugary groove feels like a hybrid of 80s/90s electropop, whilst wailing guitars are layered over the top, which – to quote the PR email – ‘mock the cries of coyotes, hungry for love’. There’s nothing else out there that sounds quite like this. The NYC-based singer has a new album out titled Stage Life which you can check out here.

‘This is All In Your Head’ – Headphone Hair

Continuing with the 80s pop influences, this new synth-and-808-cowbell-loaded single from Oakland artist Headphone Hair feels very Prefab Sprout, but with enough of a modern catchiness to give it its own distinctive flavour. The lyrics centre around the awkwardness of not knowing how to approach someone’s depression and in doing so making it worse.

‘Black Hole’ – Ellis Redon

Straight off the San Antonio artist’s new album Bloody Honey, this gorgeously melancholy alt rock tune melds grungy guitars and gravelly vocals. Interestingly, Ellis Redon’s last album was a guitar-free synthpop record containing digital percussion – so he’s taken quite a stylistic leap. Perhaps he just needed time to find his calling. Or perhaps we can expect more genre-hopping in the future.

‘Tiny World’ – Kai Orion

Washington DC experimental pop artist Kai Orion has a new record out titled Start To End, which sees him dabbling with all kinds of odd instruments including wine glasses, found percussion and - in the case of this song – beatbox flute and cigar box resonator guitar. ‘Tiny World’ jostles along to an almost latin-jazz rhythm, punctuated by an epic chorus containing dramatic organs and belting vocals. It’s a fun mish-mash of styles and sounds that somehow fits together.

‘House vs House’ – Blanck Mass

Starting with a brutal scream, this track then dives into a chaotic pattern of percussion and vocal cuts, out of which rise euphoric EDM synths. That’s all before we get to the distorted singing. In usual Blanck Mass fashion, it’s terrifically twisted and utterly unpredictable. The producer has a solo album out August 16th titled Animated Violence Mild.


 ‘Cattitude’ – Miley Cyrus ft. Ru Paul

I love my pussy, that means I got cattitude’. Christ, I thought Miley was starting to mature with ‘Malibu’, but now we’re back to Dead Petz-level sweary nonsense. I gotta admit the beat bangs, and Ru Paul rapping isn’t something I thought I’d ever experience, but otherwise this is trash.