Wednesday 15 April 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 15/04/2015: Tyler the Creator, Ratatat, Gengahr and more...

I need to brush my teeth. All the best tracks this week have been far too sugary and sweet. In other words, no angry or mean songs this time around. Maybe next week I’ll have a bad day at work and break my phone and be more in the mood for some dark, depressing shit. For now, I just want to live in a happy world of kittens and daffodils and rainbows.


'Fun Universe' - Sam Carter

‘Fun Universe’ is the kind of Soundcloud stumble-upon that really makes you feel like you’ve struck gold. The bright fifth chords sound like they’re straight out of a sunny childhood dream, arranged into a short but sweet ravey instrumental. I wasn’t able to find much background info on the man behind the magic. To be honest, I prefer the mystique.  ‘FROG LEARNS TO MAKE MUSIC. WORLD FOREVER CHANGED’ reads his Soundcloud bio.

'God Emoji' - Silicon

I’m reminded of a more danceable version of Thundercat whilst listening to this new gorgeous tune from Kiwi multi-instrumentalist, Silicon. The charm is all in the groove and jazzy vocal harmonies. If God Emoji doesn't make you feel :), you're deaf.

'Fucking Young' - Tyler, the Creator

The cockroach-eating, straight-edge, highly-immature, highly-creative, highly-entertaining hip hop star of Odd Future fame has a new track out – and it’s about being in love with someone who’s too ‘fucking young’. Tyler’s singing is pretty awful (although self-awarely so) and lyrically he still can’t help himself when it comes to juvenile punchlines: ‘my dick is longer than my attention span’. However, instrumentally the track is made up for with some of Tyler's lush layered signature soul.  It’s so pretty you almost forget what's being sung about.

'Cream On Chrome' - Ratatat

UK instrumental duo, Ratatat, add some exciting duelling rock guitars to their groovy sound on this new track. It comes with what I think is a music video. 1:22 made me jump.

'Heroine' - Gengahr

Sure, you can be my heroine’ the London indie rock band’s frontman sings almost reluctantly. This is matched by the grudgingly breezy tone of the guitars. There aren’t enough subtly twisted love songs like this any more.


'The Wolf' - Mumford & Sons

This band have gone from being a watered-down folk act to a watered-down rock band. Give it a listen if watered-down is your thing.