Thursday 30 April 2015

Review of 'Barter 6' by Young Thug

This album wasn’t the turd I expected it to be. For one there’s no annoying autotune and less dying cat warbles. In fact, the drug-addled metrosexual Atlanta rapper is actually spitting on most of these tracks, some of his flows regretfully impressing me. The trap beats aren’t all bad either – some are generic, but others like ‘Constantly Hating’ and ‘Dream’ have a spacey and atmospheric vibe more akin to Drake’s recent album. That all said, Young Thug’s lyrics are yet to see any improvements, still consisting of the same clich├ęs and nonsense as before. ‘I am a beast, I am obese’ is a genuine line from this record as is ‘I want that neck like a giraffe/ I like fish in water, I’m a bear’. I guess there’s a certain goofiness to it that’s entertaining, but it’s nothing on Riff Raff. Overall, Young Thug just seems to be trying to sound more like his idol Lil Wayne. Given that Thugga has already stolen Wayne’s look, given that the title of this album was originally going to be ‘The Carter 6’, it’s no surprise that Young Thug is now trying to steal Lil Wayne’s sound (all under the influence of evil puppeteer Birdman of course). Fans may praise Young Thug’s originality, but personally I’m yet to see it. He just strikes me as a wannabe-Lil-Wayne - which I think you'll agree is fairer than my previous criticisms on this blog.