Thursday 16 April 2015

Review of 'What For?' by Toro y Moi

What For? sees US producer Chaz Bundick (AKA Toro y Moi) swapping out electronica for guitars. The result is a funk rock record of sorts that makes for perfect breezy summer barbeque music. The problem is that as a focused listen it doesn’t have much to offer. It’s funky but not particularly groovy, retro but not particularly nostalgic, hook-reliant but not particularly catchy. The tinny car radio effect that smothers the record is pretty pleasant but that’s about it. The sexy and danceable intermingling of modern electronica and vintage r&b that made up Anything in Return had so much more charm and replay value. I will congratulate this record on one account, Chaz’s voice has come a long way since his early Chillwave days. It’s still pretty flat but at least it’s in tune this time around.