Wednesday 22 April 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 22/04/2015: Rihanna, Run the Jewels, Snoop Dogg and more...

There are no WORST tracks this week. I bring only love and joy. 


'Joe' - Washer

Featuring some twangy guitars and punky vocals, ‘Joe’ has a similar vibe to the New York rock duo’s previous nonchalantly depressive single, ‘Rot’. Things are tamer this time around, almost pop-punk-esque – that is up until the last twenty seconds when the leash and muzzle are removed.

'Bust No Moves' - Run the Jewels ft. SL Jones

My love for Run the Jewels is unhealthily obsessive. It’s better off we don’t get into it. In celebration of Record Store Day, the US hip hop duo have dropped this new track. Lyrically it’s nothing special from the two emcees – the spacey beat is the clincher. SL Jones does lay a pretty good guest verse. I don’t really know who he is, but he’s got a cool voice – almost like Big Sean if Big Sean could actually rap.

'Water Water' - Empress Of

‘Water Water’ is a dance song logically themed around water, featuring some gloopy reverb-soaked synths and breathy female vocals that reminded me of Bjork towards the end. The mood is bubbly and the whole track flows very neatly. It’s anything but wishy-washy. Stream it above (my reserve of water-related puns has now run dry).

'So Many Pros' - Snoop Dogg

I’m glad to see the back of Snoop’s short-lived reggae career. This new song titled ‘So Many Pros’ sees him delving into funk, accompanied by the coolest music video I’ve seen all year. I can’t say I’m enjoying Snoop’s flat vocals, but the backing vocals and instrumentation (produced by Pharrell Williams) do a great job of masking this.

'James Joint' - Rihanna

It’s very short – perhaps even unfinished – but I’ve been waiting a long time to hear Rihanna employing that beautiful voice of hers over some decent instrumentation. If you liked the soulful beats Kendrick was riding on To Pimp A Butterfly, you should dig this. Check it out here.

'Day of the Rope' - Spray Paint

This dissonant dose of desert punk from Texan trio, Spray Paint, won't be everyone's cup of tea. Even Washer seem like easy listening in comparison. Personally, I love the volatility.