Thursday 30 April 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 29/04/2015: Darq E Freaker, Doldrums, Sepultura and more...

Bring a torch. It's all a bit dark this week. Abrasive synths and metal riffs ensue. 


'Eight O Clock In The Morning' - Lee Scott

Quirky butter-obsessed UK rapper, Lee Scott, is gaining heat at the moment with his eccentric persona and has just released a new LP, Butter Fly. This new track from the album shows off his darker side. The cinematic strings make for a magnificently raw and eerie beat.

'Gully' - Darq E Freaker ft. Maxsta

Grime producer Darq E Freaker drops this sinister track, featuring vocals from London emcee Maxsta (I’ve been overdosing on UK hip hop this week!). The track title ‘Gully’ is slang for ‘street’ or ‘hood’. If you didn’t know that already, you’re not gully. I had to look it up on Urban Dictionary, so it’s okay, I’m not gully either.

'IDONTWANNABEDELETED' - Doldrums ft. Samantha Urbani

This track is as odd as its title suggests. Canadian electronic producer, Doldrums, kicks things off to a downbeat, melancholy start before bringing in some aggressive industrial noises and a pounding house beat. Brooklyn vocalist Samantha Urbani then turns up and starts screaming. It’s all very unsettling.

'Lovesick- - Maryann (Bae God)

The Californian bedroom rapper and singer’s latest track, ‘Lovesick’, sees her embracing sugary r&b. The hook is sweet and summery and I’m loving the sound of the snare that producer Sbvce lays down.

'DarkSide' - Sepultura

Brazilian thrash metal band, Sepultura, have released this intense one-and-a-half minute song in collaboration with publishing company, DarkSide Books. It may be short but it sure packs a punch.


'Trap Lust' - Lil Debbie

Absolutely killer beat – but the lyrics are a load of nonsense: ‘I’ll turn into Dracula/ Money flippin with the spatula/ Black Diamonds from Africa’. The bit about her bank account giving her orgasms is also a bit weird.