Wednesday 8 April 2015

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 08/04/2015: D.R.A.M, Tame Impala, Between The Buried And Me and more...

Eaten through all your Easter eggs already? Why not sweeten up your evening by listening to some of these new tunes. Avoid the last track though. It’ll leave a sour taste in your mouth.


'Excessive' - D.R.A.M

D.R.A.M’s dreamy lyrics about money and bitches are made relatable by the fact that the Virginia hip hop artist doesn’t try to paint them as a reality. That being said, such as lifestyle is probably in his grasp if he continues to turn out these solid tracks. Even if you’re not feeling the lyrics, the wavy beat is definitely worth lending your ear to. Fans of his sound should check out his 2014 trap/latin banger ‘Cha Cha’.

'Cause I’m A Man' - Tame Impala

Kevin Parker sings about being a man. A manwoman? Take your pick. Either way Aussie indie rockers, Tame Impala, have me psyched with their new psychedelic sound. This might be a very /mu/ thing to say, but the groovy bass and plodding beat are almost vaporwave. 

'Memory Palace' - Between The Buried And Me

At first a metalcore band, BTBAM have slowly transformed over the years into a prog metal group, and now they’ve finally ended up as a pumped-up version of Dream Theater. The noodling and melodrama here is a bit over the top, but I can’t say I didn’t dig most of the riffs and the crazy na na na bit in the middle reminded me of something awesome Devin Townsend might do. A sense of humour is always welcome in prog. Nobody likes soulless guitar wankery.

'Helios' - Darius ft. Wayne Snow

French producer, Darius, drops this hypnotic r&b ballad featuring guest vocalist, Wayne Snow. If you could hear moonlight it would sound like this chord progression.

'Puppet' – Of Embla

It’s time to crack open the Martini. This smoky ballad from Swedish artist, Of Embla, could be the theme to a Bond movie. Apparently, Greece are playing it on commercial radio. The UK airwaves need to get their act together and follow suit.


'Fresh Out' - French Montana

Overall, about as fresh as green bread.