Friday 25 November 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/11/2016: Hare Squead, Metallica, Father John Misty and more...

This week I bring you Irish hip hop, French experimental pop and 'ambient gender terrorism'.


'Herside Story' – Hare Squead

Ever wondered what Irish hip hop sounds like? Just like American hip hop judging from those accents. But that doesn’t make these guys any less real. Their music video, clearly shot in a neighbour’s greenhouse, is charmingly lo-fi. And that tropical-flavoured trap beat combined with their smooth bars and r&b croons has all the warm and feelgood vibes of a summer pool party. ‘For all the love doers in this cold cold season’, as the trio put it.

'Spit Out The Bone' - Metallica

After two hard rock albums, a nu metal album, some over-compression and whatever the hell that Lulu record was, Metallica seem to have finally returned to form with this new ridiculously-fast thrash epic ‘Spit Out The Bone’. The group have a new LP, Hardwired … to Self Destruct, out that I shall be reviewing some time in the near future. Fingers crossed for more furious chugging and guitar duelling.

'Holy Hell' – Father John Misty

The beautifully cynical singer-songwriter serves up his reaction to the new president-elect in the form of a gorgeous piano ballad. It’s lyrics are gloomy, as I’ve come to expect from Father John Misty, although uncharacteristically the artist does try to end things on a positive note: ‘There’s no-one in control/ And it’s our life to choose

‘Caving In’ - Come Down To Us

There’s some interesting mixing choices being made by this mysterious group describing themselves as ‘ambient gender terrorism’. Why are the drums so buried? Combined with the shiny guitars and dreamy vocal textures it works though. And I’m loving the mushrooms making up the artwork. Was this music made by gnomes and trolls?

'Haze' - Mai Lan

French singer/producer Mai Lin is sporting some serious FKA Twigs vibes here, her vocals dancing over the abstract instrumental backdrop. She recently appeared on that M83 album that I reviewed and loved earlier this year, which you can check out here.


'2000 Miles' - Daniel Nuver

It was all going so well… and then he opened his mouth.