Thursday 17 November 2016

INTRODUCING: Okilly Dokilly

Meet Okilly Dokilly.

They’re a Ned-Flanders-themed metal band from Phoenix, Arizona.

The band’s five members – Head Ned, Bled Ned, Stead Ned, Red Ned and Thread Ned – all perform in green sweaters and spectacles, taking influence from fashion icon and famed devil-worshipper Ned Flanders of Springfield. Already, they have garnered quite a horde of fans calling themselves ‘neighbourinos’.

Howdilly Doodily is their brand new album sporting track titles such as ‘White Wine Spritzer’, ‘Flanderdoodles’ and ‘Donut Hell’ and lyrically made up of ‘75% Ned quotes and 25% other characters/original’ according to the band’s Wikipedia page. Songs largely consist of frontman Head Ned offering blood-curdling demonic screeches to the accompaniment of crunchy riffs and synth trills (although they could be ray guns?). Listen below and hear for yourself.

All in all, it’s an album for throwing back the purple drapes and screaming out the window to until the police come. Eager to get to know the band more intimately, I got in touch with Head Ned and was able to ask a few questions, the results of which you can read below…

Before Okilly Dokilly what were all you Neds up to?

Head Ned (HN): Nothing special. We spent a lot of time mourning unreturned power tools, perusing left-handed catalogs and occasionally enjoying a plain popsicle.

Your debut album is now out. What was the recording process like?

HN: Recording Howdilly Doodilly was a trip. Writing the songs involved a lot of quote research, which is the best part. We has a lot of fun in the studio. We were in full Ned gear while recording and drank white wine spritzers throughout.

Are those synths or ray guns that I can hear in your music?

HN: Most are synths. One was a ray gun, and I have apologized many times to Bled Ned. His wound is still healing.

Reverend Killjoy is your manager. What’s it like working with him?

HN: Rev is great. We call him night and day for advice and he’s only growing incredibly tired of it.

If Okilly Dokilly was a pizza, what toppings would it have?

HN: Okilly Dokilly is two very opposite things coming together that shouldn’t be together. So, we would be a pizza with pineapple on it.

You’ve already acquired quite a fanbase. What are the neighbourinos like at your live shows?

HN: They are the greatest neighbourinos any Ned could ask for. We’ve had lots of good conversations with fans after shows and it’s more than we could have asked for.

What is your favourite and least favourite music out there right now?

HN: Favorite music is gospel. Least favorite is that terrible ‘nedal’. I’d rather listen to nothing at all.

Have you ever watched an animated TV programme called The Simpsons? I think you guys might like it…

HN: Sounds like a fine television program. If it’s anything like Metalocalypse, we’re in.

What does the future hold for Okilly Dokilly?

HN: We’ll be heading out on tour this March as part of the Mockstrocity tour with Mac Sabbath and Metalachi. Looking at some more tour dates after. Our first goal with Okilly Dokilly was to have a laugh. Naturally, the next goal is world diddly-domination.

Follow Okilly Dokilly at @NedalBand