Friday 6 January 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 06/01/2017: London Grammar, Desperate Journalist, Desiigner and more...

Every musical artist ever seemed to release music last year (or at least every artist I care about). What does this new year have to bring to the table? Come on 2017. You have a lot of living up to do…


‘Rooting For You’ - London Grammar

London Grammar (the chick that sung the closer of Disclosure’s Settle) is back to grace our ears with a phenomenally moving new single titled ‘Rooting For You’.  Hannah Reid let’s her haunting voice go a capella for the first half – I was convinced there wouldn’t be an instrumental at all – but then a backdrop of strings erupts into the mix pushing the song onto a whole new stratospheric level of splendour. Technically its not quite a 2017 track given it was released on New Year's Eve. This year hasn't proved itself yet.

'Cheers' - Dabbla (prod. GhostTown)

High Focus signed hip hop artist Dabbla lays some spiky bars over a bonkers beat by Grime producer GhostTown. He’s got to be the first rapper I’ve heard rhyme together ‘sternum’ and ‘German’.

'Ocean' - The Visions

Brooklyn trio The Visions deliver this sonic seascape of squelchy g-funk synths and clackety percussion (gotta love the random lone clap at the end too). The vocals kind of drone about in the background but the beat makes up for it.

‘Resolution’ - Desperate Journalist


Rocking some vocals that kind of remind me of a female Morrissey, this London post-punk band release this triumphant track topically titled ‘Resolution’.  The band name also speaks to me.

‘Your Highness’ - Beachheads

Kvelertak members Vidar and Marvin offer up this new punk/pop project (note my distinction between pop-punk and punk/pop) titled Beachheads, their latest single ‘Your Highness’ made up of bouncy guitars and singalong vocals. It’s a far cry from the shrieking metal they’re usually known for, but equally as fun.  


‘Outlet’ - Desiigner

The censoring is pointless given you he's already incomprehensible.