Friday 27 January 2017

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 27/01/2017: Jamiroquai, Syd, Mike Tyson and more…

This week I bring you songs about windfarms and diss tracks courtesy of Mike Tyson amongst other weird shit that proves everyone in 2017 has officially lost their marbles.


‘Windfarm’ - DRYNX

This lovably corny funk jam by indie duo DRYNX has to be the best song about windfarms that I’ve ever heard. It’s also the only song I’ve heard about windfarms. So, you know, pioneering lyrical territory. That horse in the artwork probably needs to quit the fags though.

'Automaton' - Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai are back packing some sci-fi grooves and a cool new hat. Their blend of electronica and funk is pushed to futuristic new levels with some scary-sounding next-level synths, whilst Jay Kay's vocals are feelgood as ever, although touched up with some robotic effects. Not sure why he's singing 'I'm a tomato' at the end?

‘No (Part II)’ - CAPYAC

I couldn’t find Part I. I’m not even sure it exists. You’ll just have to dive into the sequel, which happens to be an impeccably crafted disco house anthem. Todd Terje a la mode with a hint of Daft Punk. According to the band’s Facebook bio, they make ‘balloonwave’ and come from ‘the moon’.

‘Body’ - Syd

Syd is frontwoman of The Internet (a band called ‘The Internet’ not frontwoman of the whole internet) and former member of Odd Future. She’s now gone solo, delivering this breathy pop slowjam set against metallic minimal electronica that clicks and oozes.

‘No Swag No Swag’ - Caleon Fox

I’ve recently grown a soft spot for goofy rap – it’s nice to see hip hoppers rebelling against the whole tough guy notion of cool. Just look at Caleon Fox’s hair. That isn’t a wig, as he boldly points out in the lyrics. In fact, this whole song seems to be about proudly not having swag, which by the same token earns Caleon a certain level of swag. It’s known as the swag paradox (TRUST ME I’M A SWAGOLOGIST). Usually the mumble-rap delivery would be a turn off, but I guess the glossy beat compensates.


‘If You Show Up’ – Mike Tyson

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have recently been having a feud and now Mike Tyson, of all people, has got involved. The result is a diss track aimed at Soulja Boy, lip synced by a bunch of Instagram chicks, altogether rather confusing.