Friday 9 August 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 09/08/2019: Tool, Battles, BROCKHAMPTON and more...

Another weekly dose of BROCKHAMPTON, plus Tool have just released their first single in 100 years.


‘Titanium 2 Step’ – Battles ft. Sal Principato

New York experimental rockers Battles are back and have announced a new album titled Juice B Crypts, which will contain guest contributions from Shabazz Palaces, tUnE-yArDs and Jon Anderson from Yes just to name a few. ‘Titanium 2 Step’ is the lead single and it is a quintessential Battles track – which is to say it sounds nothing like any other music you’ve heard. It stomps along mechanically, whilst the guitars blip and whirr as if threatening to fall apart at any moment.

‘Never Have Enough’ – Los Retros

Mauri Tapia - the artist behind this project - is only 19 years old. He sings, produces and plays all the instruments on this song ‘Never Have Enough’. It sounds like some forgotten song from the 70s, featuring psychedelic guitars, soulful vocal harmonies, vibraphones and theremin-like synths. Los Retros’ sound is unmistakably retro – and there are a lot of new musicians making retro music right now – but at the same time it’s hard to exactly pinpoint who his influences are, resulting in his own distinct sound.

‘If You Pray Right’ – BROCKHAMPTON

BROCKHAMPTON must be the only hip hop group that can make oom-pah-pah brass sound badass. Wait, did I say ‘hip hop group’? BROCKHAMPTON must be the only boy band that can make oom-pah-pah brass sound badass. Also, I didn’t know the frontman from Arcade Fire was a member? He sure can rap.

‘Moon’ – Van Houten

Pretty much as soon as this track started with its languishing effects-slathered guitars, I knew this was blog material. ‘Moon’ is the first single from Van Houten’s upcoming self-titled debut album and it is lyrically centred around the frustration when a loved one leaves before you’ve had a chance to show them you’re full affection. It’s accompanied by a charmingly lo-fi video featuring some lugubrious trippy hula hooping.

‘Fear Inoculum’ – Tool

Last time Tool released new music, smartphones didn’t exist and Queen Victoria was on the throne. Although I’ve never been a big Tool fan, I felt obliged to listen to their first new song in forever. It’s ten minutes long, but that time flies by as the song suspensefully builds. The percussion is utterly wild and I’m loving the mean guitars at the end. 


‘Why You Mad Sis?’ – The Cheeks

Why am I mad? Because, clearly, there's not enough autotune.