Friday 30 August 2019

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 30/08/2019: Mika, Guerilla Toss, Cigarettes After Sex and more...

Upbeat songs with depressing lyrics are the theme this week. Also, there's a new song from Mika.


‘On My Side’ – Peach Luffe

Korean artist Jong SL – who I’ve featured before on this blog – is now making music under the alias Peach Luffe with the help of a band, and it’s a total change of style. It's got a much sunnier and upbeat sound than the last track. Well, at least instrumentally it is – lyrically it’s actually pretty depressive. Somehow the sunny guitars and heartbroken subject matter mesh well together, giving it a bittersweet feel.

‘Running Scared’ – Van Houten

Initially, the guitars gave me Coffee-and-TV vibes, but the psychedelic chorus then takes the song in its own direction. The chords are creative and the vocals are pretty catchy for a song that’s so lyrically lugubrious. This is the second track I’ve featured from these guys that I’ve enjoyed – I’m looking forward to their self-titled debut album, which is out on the 13th September.

‘Plants’ – Guerilla Toss

Guerilla Toss usually deliver some pretty light-hearted lyrics, but even they’re going down the depressive route this week, tackling the personal topic of frontwoman Kassie Carlson’s addiction. Not that you’d know this was a sad song from the triumphant disco-shoegaze instrumental, which is made up of howling guitars over a pounding dance beat and groovy bassline. The band are continually getting more accessible, but they’re still miles away from going full-blown pop, so it’s all good.

‘Hearts’ - Derelict Dream

When I read these guys were influenced by ‘Gojira, Opeth, Devin Townsend and Meshuggah’, I couldn’t hit the play button quick enough. Their sound really is a combination of all those bands with it’s own distinct style weaved in there too – it transitions from djenty to gentle, showcasing a few clean vocals before hurtling into full blistering death metal, and then returning back to its djenty opening riff after a brief Opeth-esque guitar solo. Did I mention there are vocal harmonies too? There’s a lot going on. The Brighton band have an EP out, which you can check out here for more proggy mayhem.


‘Heavenly’ – Cigarettes After Sex

This song wishes it was cooler and sexier than it is. Instead, the whimpered vocals just sound kinda sleazy. It’s exactly what I expected from a band called Cigarettes After Sex.

‘Tiny Love’ – Mika

Remember Mika? ‘I COULD BE BROWN, I COULD BE BLUE, I COULD BE VIOLET SKYYY…’ Yes, that guy. Well, now he’s back with a song that sounds like a Queen/Elton John hybrid, packed with theatrical twists and turns. It’s quite fun up until the 2:40 mark and then it turns absolutely boring, embracing the worst of 00's piano balladry. And people are comparing this to Bohemian Rhapsody? I don’t think so…