Friday 23 October 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 23/10/2020: Dorian Electra, Oneohtrix Point Never, Ariana Grande and more...

The Village People are singing about rainbow suspenders and Ariana Grande is in two rooms at once. 


‘My Agenda’ – Dorian Electra ft. The Village People & Pussy Riot

Dorian Electra makes abrasive hyperpop in the same vein as 100 Gecs – only goofier and a lot gayer (at least, that’s what I’m getting from this track). Musically, ‘My Agenda’ is a crazy mix of auto-tuned vocals, distorted guitars and orchestra hits. There are Russian guest vocals from Pussy Riot thrown into the mix followed by an overcompressed dubstep drop – and, if that wasn’t chaotic enough, the The Village People then turn up singing about rainbow suspenders. Oh, and there’s also a line at the end about turning frogs homosexual. If that description hasn’t hooked your curiosity, then this track probably isn’t for you. Personally, I think its batshit insane, but a lot of fun.

‘Long Road Home’ – Oneohtrix Point Never

This track is undeniably weird (although not as weird as the video) and at first I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. Instrumentally, it’s made up of strings, harpsichord and an array of synths. The warped vocals take some getting used to, but definitely help to add to the odd aesthetic (apparently Caroline Polachek contributes some of the vocals on this track – although it’s hard to tell which ones). The experimental producer is dropping a new album soon.

‘Dedication’ – Mark Ferg

There’s a lot of old-skool-flavoured soul out there, but I don’t think I’ve heard anyone revive that early 70s Delfonics/Marvin Gaye production quite as authentically as this artist here. The lyrics and vocal delivery meanwhile feel very current, helping to give the beautiful vintage sound a layer of freshness. The New York singer has a new album out titled Planet Earth Is A Ghetto… But I Still Love You, which you can stream on Spotify here.

‘Over You’ – Aaron Frazer

Continuing with the old skool soul vibes, this track has a much more upbeat Northern Soul flavour sporting catchy falsettos and one of the most enjoyable funky basslines I’ve heard all year. It’s so lively and energetic, I barely feels like a breakup song.

‘Caninha Love’ – Pastel

This jazzy electronic instrumental gives me serious Tom Misch vibes. It throws a few twists and turns into its three minute runtime including some bossa nova vocals and salsa pianos towards the end.


‘Positions’ – Ariana Grande

Compared to the guilty pleasures she usually puts out, this song feels pretty weak. I’m also not sure what she means by ‘cooking in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom’. How’s she in both rooms at once? Are you seriously telling me Ariana Grande lives in a bedsit?