Friday 30 October 2020

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 30/10/2020: Skrillex, Oneohtrix Point Never (ft. The Weeknd), Erroneous and more...

Skrillex sounds spiritless and The Weeknd embraces his weird side. The rest are underground gems. 


‘No Nightmares’ - Oneohtrix Point Never ft The Weeknd

This might be the most accessible track Oneohtrix Point Never has ever dropped and simultaneously the most experimental track that the Weeknd has ever been a part of. It’s pretty much a lullaby with synthesizers – Abel spends the whole track gently singing ‘nooooo nightmares’ at the listener while warm synths glow and twinkle in the background. Of course, it’s an OPN track, so there are still some production quirks thrown in there. However, he refrains from throwing in a MIDI trumpet solo or a chopped-and screwed cybergrind section as I was half-expecting. Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, the producer’s latest album, is out today for those that are craving more.

‘So Original’ – Erroneous

There’s no shortage of dreamy synthpop out there, but the aspect that makes ‘So Original’ so original is the vocal harmonies. Accompanied by those hypnotic synth arpeggios, they sound absolutely spellbinding. The New York singer songwriter has recently dropped a new EP Shut My Head Up, which is brimming with creatively entrancing vocal harmonies.

‘Fault Line’ – Michael Jewitt

This new track from indie-pop artist Michael Jewitt consists solely of drums, bass, vocals and a bit of xylophone. The production is refreshingly minimal – most tracks nowadays are smothered in effects, whereas all the sounds here are allowed to breathe. The start-stop composition is also very inventive and the vocals are super catchy.  

‘Woven and Shattered’ – Will Powers

Ontario artist Will Powers weaves together this psychedelic epic that revolves around a mesmeric polyrhythmic riff. The soaring instrumental second half is absolutely beautiful – I love how the drums end up threatening to tear the mix apart as it reaches its crescendo. The singer’s Nick-Cave-like vocal tone is also captivating. A double-EP will be coming out November 12th.

‘The Battle Is On’ – Forces

There are a lot sonic layers to this art pop track (if it was a lasagne it would be eight feet high), and yet despite this it doesn’t feel cluttered. In fact, there’s a solid groove throughout thanks to that booming kick drum and the vocals are really catchy. The track is accompanied by a video made up of royalty-free clips of animated skeletons. The only remotely Halloweeny thing to feature this week.  


‘Kliptown Empyrean’ – Skrillex

Yes, Skrillex is still alive. His new song sounds like a Burial b-side. I preferred his brostep bangers.