Friday 7 May 2021

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 07/05/2021: Tkay Maidza, Wavves, HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails and more...

The new Tkay Maidza single is a banger and the new HEALTH-Nine Inch Nails collaboration is satisfyingly ominous.


‘Syrup’ -Tkay Maidza

This beat is filthy. It’s downright disgusting. I need a bath. The bars over the top are meanwhile ice-cold. So cold that I feel like I need to take a hot bath afterwards just to warm up. SOMEONE RUN ME A BATH NOW. This Aussie rapper’s diversity is incredible, and I love the weird aesthetics she brings in her videos (those creepy claw-like nails!). NOW PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I TAKE MY BATH.

‘Help Is On The Way’ – Wavves

San Diego rockers Wavves are releasing a new album this year titled HIDEAWAY. Their latest single ‘Help Is On The Way’ contains bouncy guitars and a super-catchy chorus. It’s that same uplifting summery surf-punk sound that first hooked me in – only with cleaner production.

‘Isn’t Everyone’ – HEALTH & Nine Inch Nails

This new collaborative single sees two generations of industrial rock coming together – and they both bring out the best in one another. Trent Reznor’s anguished snarl is the perfect contrast to Jake Duzsik’s soothing whimper, while the oozing menacing production seem to blend both of their styles perfectly. The lyrical theme about everyone being alone is also very unsettling.

‘Wait In The Car’ – Scott Matthews

I got a really powerful sense of nostalgia from this track. The vintage video paired with the longing vocals, hazy guitars and retro synths made want to go back in time to an age of no responsibility (back when I was the one waiting in the car and not driving it). The lyrics are in fact about the passing of time and how nothing lasts forever. ‘Waiting In The Car’ is off Scott Matthews’ upcoming album New Skin.

‘Crumble’ – Coral Grief

Seattle dream pop duo Coral Grief are dropping a new EP next Friday. This glistening single ‘Crumble’ is set to appear on it. The soothing vocals and effects-slathered guitars pretty much had me sold in the first half minute. The song only gets better as it progresses – it features a fantastic climax in which additional vocal harmonies give way to howling guitar.


‘BIG PAPER’ – DJ Khaled ft. Cardi B

The beat is boring and although Cardi’s delivery has energy it has no dynamics. It's no surprise this was written in only 48 hours.