Friday 4 March 2022

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 04/03/2022: Jack White, Meshuggah, Charli XCX and more...

Pop bops. Brutal metal moshers. This week has it ALL! Artists featured in today's roundup include Don't Connect (ft. Flyboy Jetty), Mallrat, Jack White, Meshuggah, Charli XCX and NBA Youngboy.


‘Dead Ideas’ – Don’t Connect ft. Flyboy Jetty

Can’t get you out of my head’ is a pretty fitting hook. The melody combined with the loopy effects makes for a really infectious and creative chorus. I also love the punchy drums and trumpet stabs. All in all, a very fun song.

‘Teeth’ – Mallrat

Last time I featured Aussie singer Mallrat on this blog allthe way back in 2016, she was singing chirpy pop hooks over bouncy synths. Now she’s delivering moody echoey vocals over scratchy rock-flavoured guitars. It’s quite the change of style, but equally enjoyable. The climatic ending is particularly satisfying.  

‘Queen of The Bees’ – Jack White

This is one of two singles released this week from indie rock legend Jack White. The other single ‘Hi De Ho’ is quite frankly a bit of a mess, but eccentric enough that it’s worth a listen (it’s got a rap verse from Q-Tip!). However, I think I’m definitely preferring this track – it's got some cool 60s-flavoured stomping guitars and a organ solo, topped off with some comically-delivered vivid lyrics. 

‘Light The Shortening Fuse’ – Meshuggah

I’ve been on a bit of a Meshuggah binge recently. The crazy time signatures used to too much for me to handle, but lately I’ve been addicted to the chaos. This latest disorienting track from the Swedish prog metal veterans doesn’t disappoint. Those staccato chugging guitars are absolutely menacing.   

‘Baby’ – Charli XCX

Clunky choreographed dance video aside, this new song from Charli slaps. The glitzy synths, funky guitars and trap-flavoured sub-bass result in a fun beat, and the vocals have a Dua Lipa flavour. I’m not sure if it’s the musical direction diehard Charli fans want her to take (it’s definitely not hyperpop), but I’m personally digging it.


‘I Hate Youngboy’ – NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy launching a diss track at himself is pretty funny, but personally I think Ugly God did it better.