Friday 25 March 2016

BEST AND WORST NEW TRACKS OF THE WEEK 25/03/2016: M83, PHON.O, All Saints and more...

In this week's track-hunting travels, I take you all beyond the stars to a land of CGI fish and bands christened after galaxies. I've really got to work on these introductions...


'Solitude' - M83

You dudes and dudettes have all seen Gravity right? The beautifully calming and equally smothering solitude of space seems to be perfectly captured in this new slightly-cheesy-but-glamorous cosmo-ballad from M83. Maybe it's just the starry-backdropped visuals that give this impression. Or the fact that this French synthpop band are named after the galaxy M83. Whatever the reason, this song makes me think of space and shit. 

'Amber' - Orca

Commencing with some Tool-influenced ambient progginess, this track unexpectedly dives into some meaty metal riffage, including a brilliantly brutal chugging section that’ll make you want to slamdance around your office. It’s a beautiful mix of artful atmosphere and skull-crushing heaviness.

'Mercurial' - PHON.O 

Sporting some intricate percussion and gut-rumbling sub-bass, this brooding electronic instrumental from Berlin producer PHON.O will swiftly lure you into it’s icy depths. If not the computer-generated fish making up the hypnotic glitchy video most certainly will.

'The Cool Kids' - BVRGER

I don’t know who BVRGER is, although I have a feeling the mystery's intentional and that the vocals are deliberately pitch-shifted down to conceal his/her identity. A cutesy house instrumental made up of sparkly keys serves as a backdrop.

'Can’t Get No Relief' - Switch Violet

It may only be a live demo, but this new funky jam from Bath-based band Switch Violet has burrowed itself in my brain and I’ve just got to share it with y’all. There’s no denying the groove, plus I’m loving the singer's vocal tone.


'One Woman Man' - All Saints

If I wasn’t already totally unenthused by the news of an All Saints reunion, this big bold sterile comeback single has totally killed any slither of curiosity.