Thursday 17 March 2016

Why do pop stars keep singing about work?

It’s all a conspiracy! In a desperate attempt to tackle mass unemployment, world governments have been teaming up with songwriters and brainwashing the public to get off their collective asses and work more.

It’s like living in Soviet Russia - pop stars are being turned into Stakhanovite role models. As predicted in the Bible, the first stage of the illuminati is upon us. Our only solution? Quit your jobs, throw away your radios, dig a bunker and wait until the lizard people run out of human flesh and are subsequently forced to starve to death.

Perhaps there’s another reason why pop stars keep singing about work. Partying and drinking and sex has all become clich├ęd whilst singing about owning lots of money and women and designer material goods lacks relatability. The only way pop stars can connect with everyday people now is through the unhackneyed and accessible topic of work.

But isn’t listening to music supposed to be a form of escapism from all that? Most people listen to music in their free time to unwind and help them forget the gritty trials and tribulations of daily life. Nobody wants to go out clubbing on a Friday night after a hard week’s graft only to be reminded of their miserable weekday existence – exchanging hours out of their life in order to obtain digital tokens most of which automatically go into the pockets of landlords and insurance companies and loan sharks and, yes, those darned lizard people too.

Even those able to listen to pop music at work do so largely to distract themselves from the banal duties of the workplace, whether it be the overflowing inbox, the skyscrapers of paperwork, the endless queue of customers, the constantly flowing supermarket conveyor belt or the landfill of dirty dishes. Also, let’s not forget the dude whose job is stand guard at the staple bending factory. He may well listen to pop music at work to.

Have we lost sight of our hopes and dreams, our sense of fun, and settled for an existence of all work, no play. Have Rihanna and Lunchmoney Lewis convinced us that we should live to work rather than working to live. Am I looking into this too deep? Shouldn't you be working and not reading this article? Get back to monitoring that staple-bending machine! You blink and you're fired.